What do you think consciousness is? Is it the mind or something different?






  1. the Soul.
    The brain is a remote control controlled by the Soul (You in the purest form)
    That’s why you think before you act, the soul decides and the body follows.
    I got thumbs down for this!!! oh well.

  2. Awareness….WOW. Now you are on to something. Being aware. Knowing that you actually know something. That is a good one.
    Where does thought come from? When and how do you become aware that you have a thought or idea?
    Where did this idea or thought come from?
    This is great stuff.
    You are a spiritual being have the ability to perceive and consider.
    You see or perceive the environment around you and use that data to come to a conclusion.
    But beneath it all is you. You the spirit.
    The mind is only used to think…to judge information.
    But you the spirit use the mind to solve problems.
    At some point it becomes impossible to reduce something down more.
    Like the speed of light….Why…Why is it what it is???
    Why can’t it be something else?? Why?? Because it just is.
    This is the same with you…You the spirit…..it just is.
    When you’re in a coma there is a break in the communication from the spirit to the world.
    the body is the via that the spirit uses. If the via become damaged then of course the communication is stopped.
    Like if someone cuts the phone line….well there are still people at each end they just can’t communicate because the line is down….same thing with someone in a coma…the broken body is stopping the communication.

  3. Spirit.
    Edit: I got 3 thumbs down so I’ll try again.
    Body is 1. sight 2. taste, 3 feeling, 4 hearing, and 5 smell
    Soul is Mind, Will and Emotion
    Consciense is our spirit. If the soul within us follows the guidance of the Holy Spirit within us then we walk in the Spirit. Our consciense knows what is pure and righteous.

  4. It is an awareness of one’s self. We can see that it is caused by our brain through brain injuries and drugs which affect the brain that alter one’s consciousness.

  5. I think its just as mind boggling to know that its just a bunch of neurotransmitters firing off.
    What a feat in itself to cause consciousness. Wow.

  6. In one sense, it’s just biochemistry. Yes, it is the mind.
    However, this is a very deep notion with lots of different points of view.

  7. Who you are, your thoughts and feelings, are just chemical reactions in the brain. Synapses firing on and off, neurons constantly exchanging information. Information in, information out. In, out.

  8. Is all that in and around you which makes you feel and see what you do. You are actually an angel trapped in a physical body, with all it’s limitations. At birth you got two fibre optic communicaiton cables. One from God (the g(o)od voice and one from Satan (to tempt and test you). The total confusion most of us feel is from Satan and leads to death, remember the tree “if you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you will die”. Guess what we did and do. Clever dicks we think we are. The secrete to life is to listen to God and everything will become known to us

  9. Awareness is. Of course, that’s only one theory. I think it was Socrates or Aristotle or one of those who presented it first.
    Btw, it has to be something with the mind. The first guy…to say it’s your soul…well, does that mean when we’re in a coma we lose our souls? Or when we blackout, we don’t have a soul anymore?
    And, actually, your mind controls everything. It’s not just used to think. It’s used to solve problems, your mind determines your emotions, etc…

  10. The brain is the hard drive of your physical computer. It has infinite storage space for your memories. Your soul or real self operates the computer.

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