Home Discussion Forum What do you think causes extreme self consciousness?

What do you think causes extreme self consciousness?

ummmm…this question isnt about me…although I used to be self conscious when I was younger. Im 20 and I’m over it.
I’m just curious about other peoples’ opinions…


  1. I beileve its just one state of being too vain. Well, personally if you are really self conscious then your really afraid of what people around you might think or might say about you. Well i believe that personally, people who are extremely self conscious must try to accept themselves for who they are and try to be happy and satisfied in their selves. Well another problem might be that the person themselves don’t know who they are, being as if leftout of society or who really is just misunderstood. well something like that 😛

  2. from what i always notice, it stems largely from poor self-confidence and self-esteem. This is in turn caused by a multitude of other factors; parental and society expectations, popular culture and media, friends and peer pressure, etc etc…

  3. Who cares what the causes are. Time to get over it and find a way to lead a more fulfilling, socially outgoing life.
    I’d recommend you read ‘unlimited power’ by anthony robbins. He’s strange, but the techniques recommended are extraordinarily powerful.
    Also, this free video has some useful tips:
    It’s called ‘The Secret’ and it was featured on larry king live last week (how I found out about it). Part of it has this weird infomercial vibe, but most of it is totally awesome.
    Good luck.

  4. the ability to think faster than being able to do it….i go through it almost everyday… when the mental thoughts exerts the brain but physically one has not been involved in much of activity, the person eventually gets trapped in a vicious circle of thinking… this pattern might lead theoretical or reflective personalities to think negative.. n what can be more negative than to perceive yourself as a 3rd person, all you see is yourself, the true yourself…
    its an amazing journey towards a better life…self conciousness is a curse but like 2 sides of a coin, A BLESSING TOO….


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