What do you think Buddha would have thought about Jesus Christ?

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There are many similar quotes between the two even though they were 300 plus years apart. There is also some difference of opinion when it come to how to find salvation. Buddha believes you find your own that it comes from within and Jesus believes that he is salvation his truth of peace and love toward all.
So what do you think they would have made of eachother?

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Old guy

I think he would have listened and followed.


According to the current dalai lama, Christ is supposedly a previous incarnation of buddha.


I think Buddha would have adored Jesus the man, but laughed at the pagan deity he was turned into after his death.

Jimmy C

They would have made a great team. They had the same idea as each other.


Go to the book I suggest, as it has a whole section on the similarities of Buddha and Christ. It is interesting reading.
This was Nietzsche’s view of Buddha:
“Although he considered both Christianity and Buddhism to be nihilistic, decadent religions, Nietzsche did consider Buddhism more realistic because it posed objective problems and didn’t use the concept of God. In all religious history, Nietzsche believed, Buddhism was the only positivistic religion because it struggles against actual suffering, which is experienced as fact or illusion (the concept of Maya) in various traditions of Buddhism. Christianity, on the contrary, struggles against sin, while suffering can have a redemptive quality. Nietzsche claimed that Buddhism is “beyond good and evil” because it has developed past the “…self—deception of moral concepts….”[27] Buddha created the religion in order to assist individuals in ridding themselves of the suffering of life. “The supreme goal is cheerfulness, stillness, absence of desire, and this goal is achieved.”[28] Buddhism had its roots in higher and also learned classes of people, whereas Christianity was the religion of the lowest classes, Nietzsche wrote. He also believed Christianity had conquered barbarians by making them sick.[29] Buddhism objectively claims “I suffer.” Christianity, on the other hand, interprets suffering as being related to sin.[30] Buddhism is too positivistic and truthful, according to Nietzsche, to have advocated the Christian virtues of faith, hope, and charity. Nietzsche called these virtues the three Christian shrewdnesses. Faith and belief are opposed to reason, knowledge, and inquiry, he believed. Hope, to him, in the Beyond sustains the unhappy multitudes.”
The bible is a fairy tale based on other fairy tales, and if you go to books.google.com, you can download a book called Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions, by TW Doane. It was written 150 years ago, and was used at Harvard Seminary. It proves that most bible stories were “copied and pasted” and aren’t even original, let alone real, and the priests know this too.

Virginia M Bacon

you are wrong sir, all the other’s copied the bible ‘s stories


He would’ve given Christ a thumbs up and Christians a thumbs down.

Happy Man

He would have thought” Oh, no not another son of god”

soul on fire

he would have thought why not just say what you have to say why keep it a mystery. Now look what you have done to this world they are lost confuses-ed and troubled


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