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What do you think are the reasons why so many different forms of divination have occured in history?

Does shamanism have anything to do with it?


  1. There are so many different types of divination simply because people want to know what’s coming next. We aren’t comfortable with unknown variables and trying to predict the future makes us feel a little more secure that we can cope with whatever is coming.
    I don’t personally know very much about shamanism, but I believe that it has its forms of divination as so many other spiritual practices do.

  2. Sure
    Why not?
    Look in the real world.
    Decode this lyrics ” You’ll see ”
    After world war two.
    Every one was still primitive at loss and stranded in time.
    After having short-changed, conned and deceived in broad daylights with self independence in time?
    Without having anyone to rule, lead and guide in time?
    “I started the joke”
    “My way”
    ” 25 years” ago in time.
    “Above the law”
    “25 years” later in time?
    All the creeps from the graveyards of different ghostly ancestor’s culture and custom crawled out with failures and horrors of the past from the twilight zone in different time zone in time.
    At loss and blurred that all these while it was the dead Mummy who was ruling , leading and guiding the survival of mankind with pots and pans from the graveyards of different ghostly ancestor’s culture and custom in time.
    Without being aware that those who rule, lead and guided us were grave diggers of failures and horrors of the past with a spade on their shoulder in shaking and waking up the dead Mummy in time.
    How the lost generation with self lack of knowledge and total loss of IQ were not even aware of getting hit hard on the head with the Book of the Dead from someone else graveyards in time?
    With time instead of becoming the Son of God all grew up to be Son of a ” dirty old man ” from someone else graveyards in time?
    Until the lost generation kick the butts of the men who would be king with non-existence rights of original descendant and non-existence rights of self independence for messing up human lives of someone else little children to be Son of a dirty old man and not as Son of God in time.
    Exposing their ruling, leading and guiding elders were rude in kicking the butts of God in not worshiping God in throwing down the Ten commandments of God in time.
    Luke 21.30-36
    Genesis 11.1,3-9
    Revelation 16.14
    Luke 3.7-9
    John 7.19
    John 8.44
    Luke 16.13
    Matt 23.27
    Luke 10.24
    Luke 19.9-10
    Matt 7.15-27
    Matt 27.20,37
    Luke 24.44-45,47-48
    Revelation 22.13-17
    Matt 22.17-21,32
    Exodus 23.24,32
    What do you think?

  3. Humankind is an inquisitive animal. Something in the brain almost forces him to “solve”. Humankind is also “spiritual”.. not in the sense of religion (mutually exclusive) but in the sense of a connection to the natural, the beautiful and the mystical. Combine those two qualities, and throw in a brain and technology that up until fairly recently was quite limited (some would say it still is), and you leave the field open for individual perspectives and opinions. We all know the nature of opinions and perspectives, he who voices them loudest and longest tends to get the attention and credibility from the masses. Toss in a tendency toward crowd culture and group identification, with a dash of ethnocentrism and sociocentrism… Viola! What are most Europeans… Christian. What are most Buddhists…. Asian. Hindus… Indian. Islamics… Arabic. Americans… Evangelical Protestant. South Americans… Catholic. Chinese… Confucian/Nature Religions.
    Now that we are in the Informational Age, these lines of demarcation are not as cut and dried as they used to be… so you see a lot cross-over and diversity within a given society, but the tendencies remain fairly consistent. I wont even get into the ‘why’ and ‘wherefore’ of their origins… suffice it to say that they are traceable and even somewhat predictable, but lengthy at best. Hope that this clarifies a bit…. Good question!
    News Flash! You wanna know where religion began… My cat just showed me. There is a significant storm overhead right now… Lotsa really loud thunder and huge lightning… at each event, my cat cringes and looks straight up for the source.
    Add a pre-frontal cortex and a few million more synaptic pathways… and again, Voila! You get “God” and the proto-religions. Allow for differences in perceptions/opinions… need I say more?

  4. To linked correlating events from the past , present to the future from different views of beliefs and traditions.


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