What do you think are mind abilities such as telepathy and empathy real?

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Or can they be developed, does anyone here have these abilities?
Try to guess anything about me?

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Ha, empathy is a feeling, so obviously it is real! lol.
As for telepathy, I do believe so. You thinking of a red car?


I do believe that both of these abilities exist. I think most people have a sense of empathy. You can usually tell what a person is feeling and sense how they feel at the moment. I think that telepathy, however, is something that is harder to develop and takes time and effort. It is just like any other ability…practice makes perfect.


What’s more likely – that the mind can exert an unmeasurable force on physical objects or that telepathy is not possible?
Evidence of telepathy is anecdotal at best – and has never been demonstrated in any setting (controlled or uncontrolled).
Apply Occam’s razor – telepathy does not occur.

vivo en un arbol

yes. both of them.
i think they came naturally, but we chose not to lay on them that much up to the point they became somehow dormant.
they can be developed – but, as i said, you’d have to silence (a little) the usual senses you regularly use.
you wonder how some friend is doing – well, don’t pick up the phone and call them, but keep thinking of them; you’d either begin to feel how they actually feel or they will simply call you. out of the blue.
about you…
i’d say something flattering, but you’ll think i’m just a kiss-a*s. something less complimentary and you won’t like it.
you’re very playful, tho.


Currently there isn’t any credible evidence for telepathy. There are many anecdotes and apocryphal stories, but nothing in the way of controlled experiments with positive results. So, I would say no, it’s very unlikely that anybody here or anywhere has telepathic abilities.

nuff said

how did you know I was gonna say that TR?

Sadistic Sarah

Well… everyone has empathy. It’s an emotion. As for telepathy… I’m a bit iffy on that subject, but I do believe that almost anything is possible.


Empathy which tunes into another persons feelings and Telepathy which tunes into another persons mind.
Most people have Empathy naturally, although there are some insensitive clods out there….LACK OF Empathy.
Some people have a naturally well developed Telepathy, and alot of people do it without realising it and Yes you can develop Telepathy abilities and lots don’t have any telepathy. Mothers in particular have good telepathy with their children. When I wanted my son to call me, I used to put the message out to him…..Ring home, call Mum and he would call me not long after. It worked more often than not. Or I’d suddenly start thinking of a person and then the phone rings or I see them unexpectedly.


well, they’re very real to me, cause I have both of them. The telepathy tends to come with the empathy.
Give me your name and date of birth and I could probably tell you some things about yourself. A picture (of your face) is even better–I read your eyes. I’ve been told I’m very accurate at reading pictures (but only if you’re over 18 please; I have kids and I’d hate to think of them sending pictures to strangers).
Can they be developed? I’m not entirely sure. Mine is semi-natural, but developed because I grew up in a very abusive household. My empathy came from the need to be hyper vigilant in watching my surroundings. I can sense things most people don’t. But through meditation and chakra development my empathy and telepathy have increased. I usually have to be really connected to a person’s energy to hear their thoughts, though on occassion I get the odd, random thought (it’s not uncommon for me to pick up a thought or two from the people I pass on the street).

Steve N

I have performed mind reading myself and witnessed it twice with others. I don’t know how it works but it does.
I doubt it could be done over the Internet but I know someone how received information from Guatemala to California

Kimberlee Ann

First of all an empath or psychic must be in t he moment…. you do not get a guess what I am thinking straight out, the person who is reading you will either get a flash as your spirit is strong or spirits that surround you need you to hear something. If the person is near you they may sense your mood or pain…. th is stuff is not a party trick.
Yes you can develop this skill but if you were developed you would know that there is very little to prove and the ego is taken out of it. Anyone with real abilities is not really interested in whether or not you personally believe in it or not. They know and have an exhorbitant collection of experiences that they have had for themselves, they are sure of what they are doing. The lovely lady above who is willing to read for you still needs a photo or something to connect to your energy. You can do it on IM sometimes.


Everybody has empathy , Telepathy , I belive you need to be born with , or else you would have to train your mind for decades to follow to get the desired results you’re looking for .


I’ve never came across telepathy and I have no credible reason to think that it is a possibility. Imagination, on the other hand, is a faculty, like empathy and some have a better developed imagination than others.
Some go as far as to say that empathy is only possible with the love of god. That I think is simply hog wash. Artistic expression gives me reason to understand empathy from an observational point of view.


um I have both but empathy isn’t a special ability it’s something especially women have
I have the annoyingn ability to pick up emotions from people… I had a panic attack because someone around me was stressed, I slammed my fist into a wall out of frustration because someone around me was mad
telepathy is fun to mess with peoples heads..if I’m talking to someone I can tell what they are wearing and at times what they are thinking
people say they can be developed but there are mystically enclined and mystically weak people and I have one of the most spiritually strong people me and alot of my friends know
I have decently developed abilities but I can get stronger and am planning on becomming dangerous for a battle comming up soon
pm me if you wanna know about the war that may be comming up my friends and I have been studying and looking into it and it may be comming soon (5 years)

Peter D

Empathy is possible in as much as one person is able to interact with another. Through this interaction one person may pick up on what another is thinking or feeling.
Telepathy, where one brain is able to receive or send information to another brain, has been studied a great deal. There has been no appreciable demonstration of this ability, so if such a thing is possible there has been neither demonstration of it, nor any serious explanation as to what could cause it.


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