What do you think about when you hear the word "shaman"?

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I am doing an anthropology project on the subject, and most of my college educated friends have no idea what shamanism is. So I wonder, whats the general public perception? I am asking this in several sections, and I am not publishing this; I am just curious.
Just tell me what immediately pops into your head, no researching or Wikipedia! Images, thoughts, perceptions… thanks!

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I think of a old man with a staff; on the end of the staff hangs a shrunken monkey head.

Bob Sacamano

rob dyrdeks fantasy factory haha..u asked and thats what poped up
lol he sees a shaman for some rally car jump in one of the episodes

The Accomplice

A spiritual leader and healer of a tribe.


some old indian dude with a long beard old sandles and a walking stick!!!

Freezing Temperature


Deja Vu!

…a spiritual leader, psyche, healer, and seer…


the fool u can buy salvia divinorum plants off of.


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