Home Discussion Forum What do you think about this quote from Socrates?

What do you think about this quote from Socrates?

“And surely it is the most blameworthy ignorance to believe that one knows what one does not know”.
This is from the Apology written by Plato, and the context is Socrates explaining why he does not fear death, as he cannot know what comes after it.


  1. Exactly.
    Oh, and Joe b, he was sentenced to death by the Athenian court and calmly drank the hemlock that killed him.

  2. I think Socrates was a smart dude.
    I’ve read Plato’s Republic multiple times and was always impressed by Socrates and his wit.

  3. i believe Socrates is a wise man indeed. The Bible claims a wise person knows that he knows not. I have more respect for him because he is humble enough to understand and accept his humanity, ignorance, and limitations.

  4. He is a liar or he is was simply delusional. Drag him to the edge of a cliff to throw him off and see if he feared death or not.
    Its a lot easier to not fear death lying on a couch being hand fed grapes and eating a turkey leg.

  5. A society is doomed to destruction when they tamper with the laws of marriage and childbirth and when the arts celebrate and memorialize the changes in marriage and childbirth —Plato

  6. Well, I always feel sorry for Socrates because a bit like Jesus, he was a good shepherd and he died (took poison) in the hope his teachings would survive and his enemies leave his followers alone and not murder them too.
    But I think you’re foolish to believe he didn’t fear death . Fearing death is part of the eldely psychology and something you’ll understand one day. Pretending to be brave is part of all our psychologies.


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