Home Discussion Forum What do you think about this quote by Albert Einstein?

What do you think about this quote by Albert Einstein?

Hi! I found this quote and I think it’s very interesting. I just want to know what are your opinions and point of views on it….
“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
– Albert Einstein


  1. great saying, never heard it b-4, maybe means since wwIII will be all huge bombs that eradicate society, www IV, will be a bunch of cave men or whose ever left after the big one drops.

  2. This is an interesting Einstein quote and one that I haven’t come across before. I’m kind of reluctant to try to say what I think AE was thinking more clearly than he did himself. But looking at the situation in Iraq and in the Middle East in general, I think it’s a situation where massive military power (in terms of weapons and budgets and training) are kept from doing what they’ve set out to do. “Sticks and stones” in 2007 means roadside bombs and suicide bombers on public transportation: puny compared to the opposition’s military might, but quite effective at preventing their opponents from “winning” and keeping them perpetually afraid and thus weakened. If AE did mean that, it seems we’re seeing it played out every day. And I hope you won’t misunderstand me, I completely abhor the death or injury of anyone caught up in the whole mess by accident, whether he/she is an official (Iraqi, Israeli or US) trying to do their job or a civilian family who gets shot because the person at the end of the gun was too frightened/had too little time to make a good decision. I’ll keep hoping that this ends before my son is old enough to get drafted and that somehow something useful can be learned from this, but I can’t say I’m very optimistic.

  3. The weapons of WWIII will bomb humanity back into the stone age. The vast amount of destruction will be so severe that it will destroy much of civilization–its infrastructure, knowledge and technology. Essentially, humanity will have to start anew.


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