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What do you think about the presence of the most potent hallucinogen inside every human brain?

dimethyltryptamine or DMT is a hallucinogen that causes experiences ranging from mild visual disturbances to out of body experiences, contact with extraterrestrials, angels ect. when smoked it produces a short lasting but intense effect often described as placing the user in another dimension. its effects are extremely profound and are the subject of much controvery.
what makes DMT curious is that it is found naturally inside the human brain and bloodstream. it occurs in a gland located centrally within the brain called the Pineal gland.
in addition to being in every human being it is found in hundreds of species of plants on almost every continent.
could DMT be the source for religious experiences and revelations that prompted ancient mystics and prophets to start unique systems of beliefs? were people just “high” on their own chemicals and seeing hallucinatory illusions?
Christians and other Creationists,
i would like to ask what do you think was the creators purpose in placing such a profoundly powerful drug in the smack center of the human brain? also why would the creator put it in so many plants and animals? could it be that DMT holds some higher purpose in catalyzing the nuerobiological processes of human spirituality ?
Awakened 777, what is so laughable?
this is a profoundly life altering substance and it is in YOUR brain. someday you might have to confront the mystery of this yourself.
Zero With Everything,
some would say it has a lot to do with REM sleep. it may be the reason why we have dreams and other visionary type experiences while sleeping. all of this is speculation currently.


  1. that is bloody laughable , not to worry keep being decieved
    I will tell you whats laughable , trying to explain away everything with a spiritual/religious nature with science , does it make you feel better ? You dont know me picalo , i dont need to know anything about the penial gland , thanks

  2. The primary source of human spiritual experience is alien technology purposely used to that end. We are like a video game to the aliens and they love to make us believe strange things. They think it is twice as funny when we see through their deceit.

  3. Actually, the pineal gland also has some crystalline qualities that you might find a radio. Scientists are still trying to figure out it’s purpose.
    If you practice, you will actually feel the pineal gland take affect when trying to do and OBE. You will vibrate intensely before leaving the body.
    Yes, and the “laughable” poster is completely ignorant. You think you understand the purpose of the pineal gland?? Haha, please inform the scientific community on what you’ve discovered. Idiot.

  4. Perhaps there is another reason for it yet to be found also? I think that all things God made are wonderfully made. It is how we use them that matter.
    I looked into this years ago when I searched for answers in my daughter’s paranoid schizophrenia.
    There has to be something that contributes. Thirty years of searching have not produced much to help her.

  5. could DMT be the source for religious experiences:
    That is not a speculation, it is just fact, several tribes in the SA use DMT as their way to the spiritual realm, and have been doing it for a long long time.
    But I believe mushrooms has been used much much longer.
    Mushrooms are much easier to use and come by, and you see them pictured in cave paintings. You’ll need to smoke DMT to get its effect, if you eat it straight an enzyme in your stomach will break it appart. I guess Ayahuasca, was “invented” by a shaman, not just discovered and turning man into a shaman, as happening today.


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