Home Discussion Forum What do you think about the human life energy, chi?

What do you think about the human life energy, chi?

Hey. I’ve first thought about the human body and its infinite ability’s that have yet to be touched when I started watching an AniMe(japanese cartoons) show called “DragonBall Z”. I know it’s a cartoon and im not saying we can turn into anything like that but I do believe that we have some amazing abilitys that can be reached that’s somewhat like it. The life energy we all have (chi, ki, chakra, etc.) has many untapped ways of healing, fighting, and strentghening us. Like the guy who can make his hands reach 350 degrees and heal people. That right there is a perfect example. I know it sounds crazy and there are people who think this is stupid but I believe it’s very real. Problem is this, day and age, the world’s focused on making money and wanting to succeed the fastest way possible whether it’s plastic surgery or get rich quick schemes. We lost all the roots and not realizing our true potential. I hope to discover these things in my life. What are your thoughts on chi?


  1. Chi, ki, prana is real. It is our life energy. Keep it flowing and keep it positive. Life will be so much better for you.
    You are on a good path.

  2. Thoughts on chi are chi.
    To really develop your chi connection, take notice of your breath. How does the breath move through your body?
    How does chi move while enhaling, exhaling, at rest?
    Chi is the Christian Holy Spirit, the Hindu Prana, and an aspect of the internal Tao.
    Chi is very real, and very easy to encounter. Just look, just breathe, just listen, just breathe, just be.

  3. Chi/Qi is always present, it is your life force energy. Tai Chi, & QiGung can increase your awareness and ability to use your Qi, so can meditation. We all have it, it’s just that most of us are unaware or dont care about it.

  4. No such thing, just another bit of asian mysticism.
    There are many old and New-age practices that utilize some form of chi/prana/qi/human energy field/aura etc etc. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that such a field or force exists. Believers claim that they are able to detect these fields with “proper” training and manipulate them to affect health, for example. When tested under scientifically controlled conditions, they can do no better than random chance ( ie guessing) at detecting an HEF, never mind affecting health outcomes in any measurable way.
    In pre-scientific cultures, various mystical explanations were invented to explain disease, illness, misfortune….gods, demons, and blocked chi. These ideas all had cultural significance, but like religion, they are ideas that we as a civilization have outgrown, and by clinging to these fallacies, we are holding back social progress.
    Like all religious belief, it is utter nonsense. You give yourself away when you say “I believe it’s real” Belief is not proof. Abandon superstition and embrace reality.

  5. Eastern cultures know very well the importance of chi. I practice martial arts (kung-fu: Wing Chun and Tai Chi Chuan) and the principle of chi is fundamental. They (people in Asia) have always incorporated the power of chi into many facets of their lives. Medicine is a good example. People who know how to improve the circulation of chi within their bodies have the ability to prevent illness as well as to heal others. Even Architecture is based around chi. That is what Feng Shui is about. The physical relationship between the placements of objects and the flow of chi. Martial arts though is most significant because I have seen with my own eyes men that can direct chi like a bullet. You could stack 20 bricks and pick any one and the teacher could break that one and no others. Trust me, that’s not easy. It is said there are maybe 10 people in the world that have mastered chi to the point, they can barely touch you and 8 hours later you will drop dead. I don’t know if it’s true but I read that in a book about Bruce Lee and The Death Touch. I hope you study about chi because it really is amazing. By the way, in the 1970s a man from Russia took photos called Kirilian pictures. It was a process that somehow on film, chi could be seen radiating off peoples bodies. Good luck. Thanks for a good question.


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