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What do you think about the economic crisis – is it God sent?

want the opinion of fellow christians – spiritual answers only
Answers like separation of church and state, spending freeze and lending to credit worthy borrowers – i know about all that
gfit – can you explain how this is a violation of third commandment


  1. These Jahovah witnesses came to my house one day and proceded to tell me that Only god could fix this crisis … if this was his way of fixing it … it sucks.

  2. I think questions like this put God in a box and often make him an extension of our own egos. We don’t like something about the way things are, so when a crisis hits, we say “see, God feels the same way I do.”
    That is, IMO, using the Lord’s name in vain, thus breaking the 3rd commandment.
    Additonal. I don’t think using the Lord’s name in vain is limited to using it as an interjection. I believe when we make God an extension of our egos, we diminish him and in so doing, use his name in vain. When a naturally occuring event – hurricane, terrorist attack, market collapse is assigned to God, then we are saying we know his ways perfectly, and worse yet, he moves to vindicate us. You don’t like something about the current situation, so you want to cast God as some kind of cosmic attack dog — vindicating your view by punishing something else. I know you can site instances in the Bible where that happened. Sodom and Gomorah come to mind. But unless you believe we can write divinely inspired scripture, we become presumptuous if we do the same thing.

  3. Let me ask this. Are Catholics “Christians” in your narrow world?
    Limiting answers is a violation of YA policy.

  4. Yes, and it is sent purposefully. God or nature is pushing us to reveal our true connection above our current state. As it has already been proven, religion as we know it, has not prevented these blows.
    We need to unite together in a collective desire to know the upper force that sends everything we experience to this world. This is the direction we need to aim, and until we do, the blows will continue to come.
    If you want to learn more, here is a short video clip that explains the importance of this method in our times:

  5. ITs because THAT Most of the people has no idea what god is, so this makes them ask if there is a god, its kinda of motivation for people to get rid of stupid behavor and start to act like a human.


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