What do you think about the concept of Astrology?

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I find this topic very opinionated. Do you find astrology in its many forms; Vedic, Chinese, Western, etc. a topic that somehow defines a part/whole of you?
Do you believe it and find it very exact to what you are?
Or do you just find it not worth your time and and a waste of other peoples time to be believing/talking this kind of stuff?

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I find the idea that people believe it to be interesting, but I think its a complete waste of time.
My own choices affect my life infinitely more than lumps of burning hydrogen millions of miles away.


Never mind that there is no evidence for any type. Why would people want to accept the concept of being programmed like a computer? Don’t people want to be in control of there life? If someone did not tell you about astrology, you could not know no about it. Free will makes it pointless.

Billionaire B.I.T.C.H.

i find it to be a lot of bullshit


Okay, haters, off you go! You’ve stated your opinion now leave us who think there is validity here alone. Good night!

tv n

astrology is a science but interpretation is not corect because now a day everybody has become an astrologer. if the horoscope is corectly casted it is possible to forecast cor4ectly to certain extent. there are various schools in astrology like jymini etc., but majority prefer parasa with vimshothari dasa system. so the fault lies with the beneficiary who looks for cheap astrologer.


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