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What do you think about telepathy?

Mind to mind communication. If we all could speak mind to mind it would cleanse our world so much. No one could lie anymore, because the lies would be instantly recognizable. Systems that are dishonest would be forced to change and base themselves on integrity or fail. We could instantly reach are loved ones at anytime we wish, faster than email or text. Communication has only gotten faster over the years, a precursor to telepathy?
We ARE sensitive to thought waves, our conscious mind just tunes them out.
What do you think?
Oh and BEFORE you answer, mind you, science has already PROVEN telepathy!
Daryl Bem was trying to prove that it DOESN’T exist and while trying it, he couldn’t deny the evidence showed, it DID.
As well as this…


  1. If you are telling us that yes, telepathy is real, why would we say different? Are you not expecting people to agree with you?
    p.s. You say telepathy is real, you have my answer…

  2. yeah but if telepathy was a common thing to everyone then what would happen to actual speech. And a lot of people are really private when it comes to their thoughts which could be heard by anyone. I mean the idea of telepathy is quite interesting but only if some people can be telepathic. If everyone is then everything gets a little complicated, though there would be some benefits as well

  3. It hasn’t been proven to exist, I just went through both of your sources.
    It’s unclear at this point, your first source said so. The statistics was the number of people who believed that telepathy existed, not proof that it did. Four out of the five references on the first article had broken links, and the one that did work only said that it was still unclear.
    The second source is just a brief biography of a paranormal psychologist. His papers don’t have links and I would have to get my hands on the journal to read the actual articles.
    Sources are unreliable. I’ll provide an opinion on telepathy when sufficient evidence is provided.

  4. Telepathy is a clearer form of communication but if your thoughts are jumbled and your emotions are unclear you still run into the same problems. Telepathy is standard procedure for many of us.


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