Home Discussion Forum What do you think about subliminal lyrics and the message of suicide?

What do you think about subliminal lyrics and the message of suicide?


  1. It’s even worse when they aren’t subliminal likethe Jonas Brothers…seriously how can you listen to that and NOT think of suicide.
    PS I think it’s lame

  2. Long shown in clinical tests subliminal lyrics don’t work. So the message of suicide better be clear, like whiny Kurt’s “I Hate Myself And I Want To Die” song.

  3. Um, which subliminal lyrics were you thinking of?? And whose message of suicide??
    In general I think anyone advocating suicide has serious issues.
    If you mean what kind of message does someone who kills themselves send, I would say (although it may seem harsh), that it’s one of a quitter, a person who takes the path of least resistance instead of fighting through the problem and reaching out for help..it also says to those left behind that they were’nt important enough to live for. In any case, I think it’s a shortsighted choice, I believe in reincarnation and feel that if you end it yourself, you will only end up back in much the same place in some other life..such a waste of time. It’s best to try to keep moving forward, put your faith in that old adage “this too shall pass”. There are many resources today for people in turmoil and pain, at least give yourself and those that love you an opportunity to work through your emotional suffering.


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