Home Discussion Forum What do you think about psychic children?

What do you think about psychic children?

Anyone seen the show ‘Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal’ which comes on A&E TV?
These kids can supposedly read people’s auras and see ghosts of (only) people who have died long ago and won’t “go on to the other side” and some from the “past lives” of the children. In one episode a ghost was believed to be one of the children’s past mothers.
What do you think of all this? Do these children really have a special gift, or are they all mentally ill?
“Are you a Christian?”


  1. There’s a reason why psychic and psychotic has similiar spellings.
    I think it’s just the parents using their “apparent” child’s ability to their own advantage – whether that is getting money for being on television or merely status or popularity gain.

  2. I believe some people do, while others have an overactive imagination. It’s a fine line, but it is possible to determine which is which.
    Hugs and Blessed be

  3. haven’t seen the show,limited access to cable. every one is psychic
    only the mentally ill psychologist see mental illness every were. they are drug pushers
    you cant be truly human with out [inner feelings]

  4. Possible, I suppose. I avoid taking solid positions on the specific nature of the afterlife, so I’m neutral when it comes to the existence of ghosts and the like.



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