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What do you think about past life regressions?

Have you ever had one? What was it like? Do you believe in past life regressions? Do you think they could lend some insight?


  1. it’s a total scam. Ever notice that everyone who gets those done turns out to have been something really exciting out of a well known period of history?

  2. I think that they are harmless, but are nonetheless exercises in self-delusion.
    As a Wiccan, I believe your actions affect this life, not any alleged next one.
    While a past-life regression may, in fact, give you insight into your behaviors (by exposing the subconscious) the majority of people dedicated to the concept instead use their regression to excuse their flaws (ie: I have trouble committing because I was cheated on in a past life.)

  3. These things are not true—just delusions from the devil, the father of lies (John 8:44). Read the Bible to get the truth!

  4. The human mind can make itself believe almost anything. And, knowing how susceptible the human mind can be, some people can and do take advantage of this. There have been some compelling and amazing cases presented, but at the end of the day, it’s something we can’t prove. Because there is no way of proving it, anybody can jump on this band wagon. Most of our problems are rooted in our childhood, and ‘regressing’ as far back as this, is good enough for me to help people with their problems should they have any. Our reality is in the ‘now’. Any future reality is only a hope for better things to come. We can do things with the hope of a future, but the past is dead and gone. That’s my understanding, but their are entire cultures who would disagree

  5. well it all depends what your level of belief is and what your belief system is from my perception a past life regression is making the mind remember memories from a past life or a form of but the thing is that since all the memories are kept in the physical formation of energies we call a mind/brain then it is quite hard to assume that the mind/brain we have now in this life is the same one as those memories where formed and kept thou i know that the spirit/soul can keep up to a certain amount of “memories” or “emotions” to a certain thing in some form of life time or moment of life in the entire complete expanse of what is known to as exhistance it could be from a known something or not their also has to be understood that to what the perception to one self what the mind wouldn’t understand sometimes it will block it so yea
    in few unless you have the same body and same brain or your perception is very open to the point you could understand the spirit or soul or what ever spiritual thing makes a connection to the body complete enough to share memories and so forth
    past life regression is just another form of dreaming of the possibilities that could have been and how the inner self would have reacted to said things


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