What do you think about past life regression and hypnosis?

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Today on Oprah (I know she’s got a lot of fans in this forum) the topic was about using hypnosis to recollect memories from past lives. I think that using hypnosis in this manner allows you be influenced by demonic forces. Until watching this show I had no idea why certain Christian books I read denounced this practiced.
What do you think about past life regression and hypnosis?
Yes I’m being sarcastic about Oprah having a lot of fans in this forum 🙂
The brain is just like any other organ in the body. It is subject to hormonal imbalances and abnormalities — schizophrenia is one such disorder. However I do believe that some people with mental disorders are demonized BUT not all. This question isn’t an invitation to ridicule my religion. Grow up please!

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officer uggh

It’s BS.


there are no past lives and dont do hypnosis…its dangerous..


its rubbish!


Are you being sarcastic when you say she has a lot of fans in this category? A lot of Christians are speculating that she’s the Antichrist. Either her or Obama – apparently it’s got to be someone brown.
Past life regression is hokum, just like Christianity.

Ryan N

Look at all these ignorant people.
O man they don’t believe what I believe in they are idiots and I am gonna tell everyone how I feel.


if it’s done by the right person, it can work
it does not channel demons. that’s retarded.


Sorry, don’t watch Oprah….. sounds pretty spooky, tho.

GorgeousTx Spurs fan2

“Demonic forces”????? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think that hypnosis works for some but it did not for me.
There is no such thing as “demonic forces”. Are you one of those nut jobs who claims schizophrenia is demon possession. LMAO!!!!!!


oprah isnt an evangelical bible innerrantist/literalist …therefore she’s gonna burn in hell …apparently


I think it’s terrible!
Hypnosis is notorious for creating false memories.


I think that people are revisiting their dreams. Many times I believe that my dreams are real for a little while. But God said, (remember always return to the Bible) man is appointed once to die and then the judgment.


I’m facinated by it because it seems possible and what it would mean if it’s true. Jesus came from heavan and was born of a woman and returned to heavan in spirit form. He could do that but we can’t? Why not?


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