What do you think about my statement on Time Travel?

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Time travel will never occur. If it could occur in the future, then people would have traveled back to current time ,or the past, to speak of it.
In other words, by definition, if time travel could EVER exist, it has ALWAYS existed.

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is a good bit of logic, but many of the generally accepted theories of time-travel posit methods that, if at all physically possible (which is widely disputed) would only permit a person to travel back in time to the point at which the device/method was invented. thus, we don’t see time travellers because we haven’t yet invented time travel, and it is impossible to travel to a point before that event.
an alternative contradiction would be that time travellers do exist around us but it is so tightly controlled that they do not interfere with the past and, therefore, we do not have knowledge of them.

Proud Manxie

Hmmm it’s ok. It’s only ok because time travel is possible, just only traveling forwards in time. It is relatively simple and most people have probably done it. Basically, the faster you move, the slower time moves. So if you flew from the UK to america, you would go into the future by about 40 nanoseconds. Not a lot i know but still technically time travel. So physics allows us to time travel, we just don’t have the technology to move fast enough for it to be noticeable.
I think that you’re sort of right by saying that time traveling backwards can’t exist though.


This is more logic than physics. According to the Lorenz transformations (the basis for relativity) time travel can’t occur in the negative direction.


That makes a lot of sense and I KNOW time travel will never be possible


But what if people don’t necessarily want you or everybody to know that they are traveling through time??? What if there are people who travel in time to observe you without your knowledge, to see what choices good or bad you might make. What if there are time travelers who go back in time to stop things from happening in the future, they would want to be discreet. You are only viewing time travel from your prospective, in that you think if you invent time travel everybody should know about it. If I found a way to time travel I don’t think I would want to tell people, I mean what if someone uses to kill people, or something crazy bad like that. I mean we need to stop locking our brains on all the figures and “what ifs” and just let our brains explore. No invention came about by doubting itselft, I mean there will always be doubters but I doubt if you were to ask a scientist he would be open to anything new.


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