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What do you think about my Poem ?

” Is This Love ”
Imprisoned Am I, This prison is the love I have for you, I fear the word, yet even know it has already been stolen from my mouth. I’d rather say like than love, because I have promised my heart to you in that word. Your beauty is my prison guard and say’s I cannot go free. I cannot say to you I love you atleast not with my mouth, strangers do not speak so. When I saw you looking at me it took my breath away and my wit with it and left me as one uneducated with no words to speak. In your eyes I see life, Something just beyond my reach like some spiritual awakening that I cannot comprehend. I feel so transparent in your presence, yet I take comfort that you could not know my thoughts. Your presence catches me offguard. I tried to forget you, but the memory did not spring forth from my mind but from my heart, I reasoned to let it go, but my mind was not the holder of the memory of you it was my heart, and as much as I wished the thought to go to give me peace it would not go. I tried reason which is a strong weapon, yet compared to my hearts grip it had no wounding result. I wanted to pretend, but the truth burns away any falsehood I would desire to hide behind. The truth must be known, I Love you.


  1. it sounds a bit girlie for a boy to write (no offense) i dont know about the rest of the girls out there but im not into sensitive men

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