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What do you think about hypnosis?

I read this book: “Many Lives, Many masters” by Weiss.
He is a phychiatrist whose used hypnosis to help heal his patient of phobia’s and anxieties… She ends up going into a past life regression.
I am considering hypnosis and even past life regression…


  1. hypnosis really works IF you’re receptive. If you refuse to allow yourself to believe that it can happen, then it will NEVER happen. Give it a try…..i mean a REAL try, and see for yourself. Hypnosis will not put you into a state where you lose complete control of yourself. You CANNOT be forced to do something that you weren’t already willing to do in the first place.

  2. I definitely believe it can work…but for myself, I am not sure I could ever do it. Not out o skeptisism, more out of fear. I think I would be really uncomfortable knowing that I wouldn’t really be in control (or at least from what I know of it, thats what I think about it) of the situation. If I could get over that, I would try it though.

  3. I do self hypnosis for stress management and pain control. It works great!
    Before I learned the technique, I did plenty of research. Most of it said to be wary of “past life regressions” or uncovering “hidden/repressed memories” through hypnosis. When you’re under hypnosis, you are very open to suggestions. A poorly-informed practitioner can plant negative suggestions, which can then be taken as fact.
    Find a hypnotherapist who will help you with positive suggestions to deal with anxiety like “I am in control of my reactions” and “I am strong enough to face this situation”.

  4. I am a retired hypnotist with 54 years experience.
    Phobias and anxieties are everyday problems that are easily solved with hypnosis. Regression is a whole new ball game. In regression the hypnotist must be very careful not to feed the subject any kind of information that the subject can build a fantasy with,be careful not to allow the subject to bring any preconceived ideas into the regression or form any conclusions before everything of a factual nature is known. To simplify do not trust any regression…..The conclusions formed in regression are accepted as fact even if they are false!
    regression information is not accepted in most courts for good reason. (see above).


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