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What do you think about how you been educated, believe that human mind can go beyond what they always told u ?

About quantum physics , meditation , hypnosis , telepathy,etc.
What is the limit of our mind , what if the educative system would change for a new and upgraded 2008 mind pointed?


  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if other people actually accepted these things as reality, You can of course take classes on these things outside of traditional schooling. I am not sure some people could grasp the idea of quantum physics and the fact that everything is connected. I think the only limit to the mind is the one the user sets on it. Who would be the one to upgrade as you say the education system to include these classes when right now, so many people so not understand it and or deny its truth. I wish it were more of a given that we can do things with our mind and not some study like its paranormal.

  2. Education could use an overhaul. The biggest on my list would be a much greater focus on reading, writing, math, science, civics, history, literature, the arts. Building on these, the system the system already gets to higher physics and just jumping to the theory of quantum physics without understanding the basis for the theory isn’t a true education. It is asking ppl to believe what they are told. That’s not real learning.
    Meditation would be fine for a gym alternative class in my mind. Alternative medicine is already taught as some universities. Hypnosis I’d say is outside the public school system. If one believes they actually experience telepathy in the way of reading the minds of others, it’s called delusional thinking and inidicates a psychiatric condition. If you mean sensing how people feel or even sensing something seriously wrong with family/close friend when far away, that’s something some can intuitively do and isn’t a teachable experience. So…. my idea of change is to K-12 education should give a much more solid foundation in the basics, maybe even offer trades alternatives. College/university level offers higher level work and some of what you are talking. Private other schools offer training in most of the rest.
    And… I had the formal education, but was taught outside of class that anything is possible. With that came a belief that everything in the universe is interconnected. I started meditating in my early teens. Ect. My only issue is stuffing more stuff into K-12 education at the expense of the basic skills people need.

  3. I do believe that the human mind can go beyond what people say it can. Just because one mind might reach it’s extend doesn’t mean that another mind can’t go further than the last one. They have no way of proving that there is a limit on the human mind. Everybody is different, and taking a normal person compared to Einstien can prove that. Einstien did things that people never thought possible, so why can’t somebody else do more than Einstien did? It’s just a matter of thinking. I do know though, that the mind has no limit, so don’t let yourself think it has one. By doing that you will only limit yourself.
    I hope I answered your question. 🙂


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