What do you think about Hermeticism?

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I will not describe it here so that only the ones that know about it will answer.

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Degman The Mirado Black Warrior

It sounds cool to me.


Eclectic mesopaganism is just as goofy as eclectic neopaganism.


Its a religion too! Hence rejected from the realms of reason and logics!


I don’t understand why God would require isolation and silence when there are so many beautiful things and people out there and so much to be done. Doesn’t make sense to me, seems like yet another human-concocted scheme for whatever purpose.

stoned ranger

i can tell, by your details, that you know what it’s all about.
if you can understand the nuances in the kybalion, you’re well on your way brother.

Captain Sarcastic - The Captain

I find it interesting, but then again I find religion and other forms of occultism, magical systems included, to be interesting.
Of magical schools I personally find Chaos Magic to be more interesting, but Hermeticism is the old classic of the West.


If you still practice alchemy, I don’t want any part of that, but I also mean no disrespect. Unless you suddenly want to start legislating your beliefs. But I’m sure your bunch isn’t that nuts. 🙂

Shalom Y'all

referring to hermeneutics?….. something to that

Feathered Serpent!

Your attempt at obscurantism is negated by google.
My opinion. Its the single most Influential occult philosophy /mystic tradition of the western world in the last 1000 years. It roots can be found in a myriad of other modern systems ( some superior(Thelema) , some inferior(New age)).


I won’t pretend to know about it, but permit me to have a guess. It appears to have the same root word as “Hermeneutics” which is the science behind the translation of scriptures and comes from the greek word “Hermes” who in mythology was the messenger of the gods. Is Hermeticism related to Hermes in some way?

⌡Machine HeadâŒ

I believe the SL-1 accident, along with similar events on Russian subs, demonstrates the wisdom of Hermeticism in PWR design.


I’m just not poetic enough. I need something more pragmatic. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the father, but by me”.


italian translation please?

o tantra volia di viderti tiamo

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