What do you think about hands-on healing? What Jesus did, energy healing, etc…?

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by Turtle Island guest:

Some say energy healing is “pagan” and therefore not what Jesus did. Energy healers pass on the training to others and charge for it, even dividing it into levels. But Jesus did not charge for healing, and there’s no mention of His ‘attuning’ His followers as Reiki, Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch masters do. He simply said “believers will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.” Is this all the same miracle working energy from the same source? Should people charge money for it? Your thoughts…

Answer by gutbucket
It’s 100% a scam, designed to fool those who do not wish to ever acquire critical thinking skills.

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No one can “heal” through the simple “laying on of hands”, what you see is TV evangelists trawling for suckers.


I’m holding out for the hands on healing of an amputee…
C’mon Benny, you can do it…


No they should not pay money for it. If it is not coming from the Holy Spirit, then yes it is evil.
Healing in His Wings.


I’m not to sure about it being from the same source because when I was little I researched ki healing and it mainly focused on visualization methods in order to control energy within you to heal the target. I think if someone knows the secret to healing they honestly shouldn’t charge too much money for it. Making a class or giving lessons doesn’t seem like a bad idea.
I personally feel that religious groups will identify anything they don’t understand as “pagan” since there are still some people who believe that having your picture taken will steal your soul. If someone can do it they should try to help as many people as possible and tell at least one other person the secret or else they fail as a human being.

Jimmy C

I know what you are talking about, and I have seen it in action. I have worked and studied this and other forms of healing for many years. Yes, the accounts described in the bible match energy healing, so it could be said that jesus was an energy healer. The energy comes from the same source.
Some christians who are afraid of it and do not understand it say that it is from satan or some such nonsense. They do not take the trouble to study it before criticising it.
Yes, it is legitimate to charge money for it, as people have to make a living, and few people could pass on the work if they did not charge.
One more note; The christain faith healers on television are the ones I do not trust. They are mostly charlatans who make money from the gullible. What many of them use is rapid induction hypnosis, plus the placebo effect in the people who believe they can be healed. Any good hypnotist can do this.


well Jesus is God and so the healing He did is not the same as Reiki. I’m a christian and happen to also be a 2nd degree Reiki practitioner. I have seen healing happen after a reiki treatment first hand but ultimately God is the author of all healing and He uses many methods even the simplest being that of the doctors He has blessed with the gift of healing. When Jesus talked about the laying on of hands it was talking about healing through His name and applied prayer. He didn’t need to attune His followers like they do in reiki because when you come to believe in Him you are indwelled with His Holy Spirit and God is not limited to any particular process….so if you place your hands on someone and pray to God for healing to happen it will happen. May not be the way we expect or in our timing, but God is faithfull and will offer healing to all those who turn to Him.
now when speaking of energy healing such as reiki, quantum touch etc. etc. there should be an equal exchange of energy. It doesn’t have to be in the form of money, but something should be given in exchange for the treatment you received. Money just happens to be the easiest western exchange tool because it helps the practitioner earn a living if that is their chosen profession to be a healer. it also is a commodity that westerners more easilly place value on. When you place value on something, it has more importance to you……if you pay for a treatment, you are going to get more value out of it.


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