Home Discussion Forum what do you think about eastern religions such as Buddhism, hinduism, Taoism?

what do you think about eastern religions such as Buddhism, hinduism, Taoism?


  1. to each their own.
    I studied those religions- taoism makes no sense to me, its so complicated to understand.
    and for the other two i think they make more sense that western religions (ie: judaism or christianity) No offence to christians or jews. please do hate on me or give me thumbs down for stating my opinion

  2. “From the outside, all religions appear equally silly.”—-Robert A. Heinlein
    I don’t believe in any of the thousands of gods/religions invented by men throughout history.
    I don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy, in leprechauns, Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny.
    And the idea of a supposedly omnipotent and invisible deity floating around in the air somewhere is absurd to me.

  3. They are all part of Old Ways to spiritual life in the Oriental Part of the world. They do not go around the world to conquer a nation and convert them to their religion. They may have done the conquering for the purpose of enlarging their territories or trade relations but you will notice that though some who may have turned to any of those spiritual path, it is still adopted to the common traditions of the particular nation..
    Buddhist in China can be different from the ways of. India, Japan, Tibet and other Asian nations and they hardly throw stones against each other. Their fight is always political or territorial in nature.
    Western and Middle Eastern ( except Judaism) type of religion can be devastatingly the opposite. They fight for political or territorial greed’s but they use they their religions as the way to control the minds. Many original cultures have long been extinct which the West proudly claim they have turned the primitives into civilized society like the American Indians, Mayans and Incans.

  4. I love Hinduism! I had been studying spirituality for 15 years when I started learning about it and fell in love with it. I now practice it for the last 5 years and grew the fastest from it than any other path.


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