Home Discussion Forum What do you think about Buddhism and Taoism?

What do you think about Buddhism and Taoism?


  1. Peaceful. They don’t door-knock.
    The answer above me is seriously the most obtuse thing I have read all day. Pfft, you call yourself a Christian.

  2. I’m a Buddhist/Taoist. What is there to be disproven??? Silly Christian.
    I was a Buddhist before I learned what Buddhism was, and I am a natural Taoist; it is my nature.

  3. I think they’re great, but I’d probably be a Shintoist before I’d be a Buddhist or Taoist. I don’t know why, but Shintoism really intrigues me.

  4. I really like Buddhism, I was one for a short while actually. I just could not give up meat though….. I went about two weeks. XP
    I don’t know too much about Taoism, but it’s pretty peaceful, I know that, and they don’t go door to door so I love them anyways.


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