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What do you think about Astrals,or also called the psycic vampire or the energy drainer?

i am an astral.and we do exsist,if you dont believe me google it there are so many articals that will tell you about us,what i want to know is do you think that we are evil or bad because we do what we do?


  1. I doubt you’re an Astral, assuming you were you could at least spell “psychic” right. I mean, hanging out with your other Astral friends/messaging them it should come up fairly often. But no, I wouldn’t consider you evil.

  2. Energy drainers are different types.
    be aware if you become sleepy or you can fulfill your plans for the day – you may be under influence of such person – they use hypnose power and can taking your energy and disturb you by entering in your conscience with different visualizations
    Many consider this is a demonism – for me these are real people that can do this- they practice different styles of one thing –

  3. i think that psy vamps are sick, it is condition, it could be treated and you can be cured. you can do it your self, start practicing meditation,yoga, magick, anything really that would strengthen your aura,subtle body and teach you how to willingly manipulate and control your energy flow.
    vampirism is like drug abuse, you are never certain if your source provides you ‘pure’ stuff, makes you weaker, dependent and finally more prone to ‘diseases’. by developing your own energy generator that can sustain energy levels you need, and developing strong vessel for your energy you become stronger and more independent person.

  4. i date one so I’d say I don’t have a problem with them. He does energy transfer instead of energy drain which is quite helpful! lol

  5. You have a condition that can be alleviated by several means. It is not “necessary” to do what you do. It is a choice that is made by rationalizing the no one gets “hurt”. That is not YOUR choice to make about another human.

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  7. i am a psychic vampire also and i dont have a problem with it so these other people just dont understand us and can think what they want
    both me and my best friend are psychic vampires (actually shes hybrid)
    : D


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