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What do you think about astral projection?

Hello everybody, I would just like to know your thoughts on astral projection. This means everybody from Christian people, atheist people, agnostic people, and everyone else 😀 Thanks for your input :p
Oh, and for the record, I personally believe in AP.


  1. That it’s all in someone’s head. Someone has a lucid dream or a trance and imagines it’s something magical. If you want to prove it real, then there’s some simple tests you could come up with. So far, there’s nothing. The mind is the name of the process that goes on in the brain. It doesn’t magically go romping around outside the body.

  2. I believe that you can make any claim you want, but since you haven’t brought back proof that you were somewhere else and brought back information available ONLY at that place and location and time, I would consider it bogus. And if you did, I would view it as a form of divination, inspired by the demonic religions of the far east, and provided by the power of the demons to relay information from that location.
    So, yes, I believe in AP, but not on the terms that you would accept.

  3. It is just lucid dreaming, being conscious while you are asleep, and being in control of your dreams. You are not actually projecting your spirit to an astral realm or w/e, it is just controlling your dreams. Thats my opinion anyways.


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