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What do you think about animal cruelty?

This can be part of relgious things, but on a side note i really don’t take this section seriously anyways since 99% of you guys are just rediculous anyways. Just curious what people think about animal cruelty, like they deserve not to be tortured now because it’s unnecessary and they are living creatures, and they shouldn’t be sacrifced by evil religions in vain. it was okay in the old testament because it was commanded by the Living God for them to have their sins washed but temporarily by a lamb’s blood sybolizing Jesus to come, but since Jesus died we can have our sins washed away and repent and be made perfect and receive our salvation when we grow in the spirit after the spiritual awakening and reading the word of God and preaching the good news and dying in Jesus with the Holy Spirit.


  1. I`m totally against it.Just read a piece in the enquire about horses killed and sent to Japan and other countries for food.The way their killed is horrible.I signed a slip in the enquire to fight against it.

  2. I don’t believe in being cruel to animals. Yes I do eat meat and I know some of the animals were treated very well. I didn’t see it though. I know some animals are treated very well and even given massages and beer before they are killed to be eaten. I can’t afford those meats but they do exist.

  3. I think animal cruelty is rediculous. I wasn’t raised with relgion in my house, so i can’t really comment on that. However i do believe that if you know something you are about to do to any animal is something you wouldn’t do to your mother then its obvioulsy inapropriate and inhumane.

  4. I think it goes against being a good steward of what God has given us. We are not to abuse or waste the resources we have. God gave us dominion over the animals; I see that to mean that we are to care for them. That does not mean we cannot hunt, fish, eat meat, etc. That means we do not abuse what we have.

  5. I hate animal cruelty. I think it is one of the worst things in the world today and there should be more harsh punishment for those that commit this crime.

  6. God gave Man right over all things
    But no where in the Bible does it say Man has a right to Abust this right for all things

  7. I have been a vegetarian for about two years. Part of the reason is I am against animal cruelty. I look at my dog and I wonder how anyone could hurt such a creature. Vegetarians save approx. 99,000 lives a year and that number is growing with the amount of popularity the lifestyle is accumulating.

  8. It breaks my heart. They just want love and then they get hate, but they still love their owners.
    Just like abused children, really.

  9. Animals are for eating and to aid us in daily life. Horses can be ridden and cows can be use for farming. Animal cruelty is wrong because in my belief, it is like using a shirt that someone gave you as a toilet cleaner instead of wearing it.

  10. i don’t believe harming animals is good or acceptable at all unless need be.
    There is a verse in one of the books of moses but i can’t seem to find it, if anyone can please add it, ta!

  11. Gee, your statement below the main question was rather all over the board. But to answer the main Q. Jews made a case of it by their Kosher practices, that is, killing a beast (lamb, goat, Burmese python, whatever) so the beast won’t feel pain. If it does then the meat is not kosher and won’t be consumed.

  12. God gave us dominion over his creation in the Garden of Eden.
    Having dominion means we can do as we please with it, but it does not imply ownership. We’ll be held accountable for the way we behave in relation to the responsibility God has given us.
    This fact applies to treatment of animals, our environment, and even our neighbors.

  13. actually animal cruelty is absolutely forbidden in the old testament. thats why animals are slaughtered in a kosher way – its done to avoid unnecessary suffering to them.

  14. God never commanded animals to be sacrificed – not even in the Old Testament. All the bloodletting, violence, and wars in the Old Testament were about spiritual battles. They were not literal stories, but sometimes based on literal events of the times. God is love and He lives in a realm where no one feeds on death as we do here in the world of the dead. Since God is love and is a part of all creation, I can’t imagine He’d be pleased with the abuse or neglect of any sentient creature.

  15. ….I know it’s hard to be compared to livestock. Animals were a great comparison because they are living breathing existances.If I’m called a sheep one more time……Animals were the sacrifice in the Bible to emphasize the fact that you were forgiven and still acknowledged by God as alive because people were simple minded back then and needed a PHYSICAL ritual type experience to actually realize that God excepted them.Kinda like Baptism only different.Besides they killed them anyways for food and clothing,might as well kill two birds with one stone I guess.
    How many chickenheads does it take to be considered sinful anyways?
    Animal cruelty is wrong.
    But as they say,if ya lie down with the dogs you’re bound to get fleas.


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