Sunday, September 26, 2021

What do you think about all the negative energy being released?

Masaru Emoto discovered that having positive thoughts on water before crystalizing it would produce a beautiful crystal. On the other hand, negativity would ruin the crystaline state and it would be ugly.
What do you think all the negative in this political section could impact other fellow human beings?


  1. Those discoveries by Masaru have been dis-proven. I’m very familiar with the water ‘crystallization’ thing, it was all a big bunch of baloney.
    However, I do believe that negativity has negative consequences on the psyche.

  2. There is no such thing as negative energy.
    New age woo-woo merchants who drivel on about energy don’t actually have a clue what they are talking about!

  3. Masaru Emotos had a fascinating theory, but one which I do believe is flawed. In any case-one could take it as a deeper insight into human interaction with the world and one another.
    The negative actions of many on this site do indeed impact others, and it is my personal experience that the unbridled negativity, constant attacks and foolish arguments only serve to make us feel worse.
    Myself, I no longer answer such questions that are based only on attacks on this or that party or belief. I focus instead on answering questions like this one which actually ask something and bring up good points.

  4. I think TRUTH brings beauty, because it is pure. The TRUTH is what sets us free. Those arguments which muddy the water of realism is negative. Mud baths are treasured only by the ugly.
    Constitutional Conservatives are the TRUTH-givers. I can say this with confidence because our Constitution is based on the principle that our inalienable rights are given to us by our Creator.


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