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What do you think about Aleister Crowley?

i’ve been reading alot of stuff about him for awhile, and i feel as if im starting to idolize him for some reason. I mean, the man was brilliant when it came to the occult. do you think it’s at all weird that someone would look up to him for inspiration?


  1. A Genius but a flawed human being. I want to be just like him. Idolize him all you want, I’m sure he would approve but watch out, he sets traps for the foolish.

  2. 93,
    It is normal for people to either idolize or hate Crowley upon reading him. There is very little middle ground.
    It isn’t weird at all to look to him for inspiration, though it would be a little weird to try to emulate some of his actions [As no one but Crowley, is Crowley]. Remember, though. If one should meet Crowley on the Path to Enlightenment; kill him.
    Personally, the character of the man interests me. His teachings interest me greatly, too; however he frequently goes on “I’m right, anyone who says otherwise is crazy!”
    93 93/93

  3. if you read and fill your head with him, then ofcourse you will idolize him, and there is this principle that whatever you idolize, you will become like that.
    this is a principle in life, so be careful what you fill your head with.
    think about this, where do you think he is right now? would he have any regrets if he could live one more life on this planet?

  4. Greedy and demented. It is weird that anyone would look to him for inspiration…or at least the positive sort. So in essence, he inspired me to dislike the occult.

  5. What do i think? i hold no firm opinion, there always have been and always will be people labeled as ‘flawed genius’. I understand that by reading about him you feel you are beginning to idolize him, i had a male friend a few years ago that was utterly bessoted for a long time. Inspiration takes many forms, and if you find a small spark via Crowley so be it.

  6. He surely was brilliant in his way but he also ways very human in his way. His writings influenced the entire occult/esoteric/magic(k)al world until today. As he was influenced by the original GD, he also influenced the modern GD – to some extent. A unique personality for sure. Idolizing him? Well I would be careful with that. Just understanding Crowley can take a lifetime. One has to understand his background in order to understand his writing. And always remember, what he writes is not always what he intents to say. He has a lot of traps out there, left misleading traces and he also made his mistakes. Apparently his abilities in money magick were rather limited (I can recommend Sutin’s biography on A.C. http://www.amazon.com/Do-What-Thou-Wilt-Aleister/dp/0312252439).
    Personally I am not fond of idolizing anyone since I prefer to be my own person – whatever that means (still figuring). Appreciating his stuff, sure.

  7. I have always had problems with the concept of idolizing any human being, Crowley was an excellent example of an exceptional talent in a very flawed human being. Rather than idolize the man himself it might be better to aspire to be the man Crowley could have been.


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