Home Discussion Forum What do you think about a quantum afterlife?

What do you think about a quantum afterlife?

Basically, when you die, your mind skips over to a parallel universe through quantum frequencies and waves, thus you continue to survive. Similar to my previous question on the string theory, and human consciousness existing in higher dimensions, but this is from a more materialistic standpoint. Where as, evolution takes place, but on a quantum level. Your thoughts?


  1. Interesting.
    This could kind of be related to some modern views of ‘heaven’ – i.e. people no longer believe it to be up in the clouds, and so consider that it may be in another dimension.
    I think it is a very interesting theory, but I hope it’s a while before I find out for sure!

  2. First of all, I understand that may not want to hear anything regarding the Bible. Ignore me if you must; just please do not be angry.
    Sounds like it’s entirely the result of human imagination.
    It’s much safer to trust what God says in the Bible, rather than what people say…..
    If you’re saved (which means you were one of God’s elect), then you go to heaven to be forever with God as soon as you die.
    If you’re not one of God’s elect, you die. And that’s it. The punishment for sin is death, which means that you will never EVER get to inherit the new earth and be with God. It’s an enormous loss. Such a death is beyond shameful in God’s eyes (and in ours, if we understand it.) The death of an unsaved person IS that person paying for their sins, whereas Christ the lamb paid for the sins of His elect before the foundation of the earth.
    There’s no suffering an eternity of punishment in hell — an idea that greatly clashes with the mercifulness of God that is expressed throughout the Bible.
    The people in the churches hate hearing this. They want the unsaved to suffer forever in burning fire, I suppose? I cannot understand why they feel that way. Aren’t we supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves? (Matthew 22:39)
    Pardon me for not having the proper reference verses; I’m still learning, and my memory is so-so. This is complicated stuff. lol My peanut of a brain can’t understand it well. 😛
    The Bible is very difficult to understand, and I could very well be going in the wrong direction with my studies. All I can do is keep praying that God will help me to understand and open my eyes…


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