Home Discussion Forum What do you see in your crystal ball for John McCain?

What do you see in your crystal ball for John McCain?

His campaign has suffered some setbacks in the last week or two, and the media is already counting him out of the race. What do you predict will happen with his candidacy?
And please, if you have nothing constructive to say, don’t bother. I’d like to keep the level of discourse above the troll level, despite this being Y!Answers.


  1. The damage has been done, and it’s hard to reverse at this point. Now, he’s trying to walk the line in the middle to get more votes from both sides. Only time will tell how that works out for him, but I see it as flip-flopping.

  2. John McCain is not favored by Republicans unlike Ron Paul and Rudolph Giuliani who are getting the support of their partymates.
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  3. ill give you facts, after the first debate walking in, he had the majority of the people with him, then he decided to allow amnesty and he was shaky with his answers. When he left the majority went to Rudy, Ron, and Mitt.
    He doesnt have a chance now. Rudy has the popular Republican vote, and Mitt has been getting every debate. Thirdly Thompson has the new blood no stance guy part. So McCain is out, i favored him earlier but i like Romney now. McCain is still a good guy tho.

  4. McCain’s out of the picture now…he blew his wad too early. Somebody should have handled his campaign with a little more discipline and finesse. I think it’ll be Guliani for the Republicans and that’s okay with me because he’ll never stand up to Clinton, Obama and (I hope) a very late running Al Gore…

  5. retirement is here for Sen McCain. He’s way too old to be the next President and he has been too far off the American beat of getting elected.


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