What do you see if you open your third eye?

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Im not sure if i believe that we all have one, but if we do, and we are lucky enough to open it, what are we meant to see? I want to be able too, but im sacred because ive never meditated before and i feel that if i focus too much, my mind would drift away and id wake up confused and not aware of my surroundings.

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Christian Stalinist

I see Communist Revolution when i open my third eye

RemRem :)

our 3rd is called our imagination. we see what we want, but might be far from reality.

BrokenEye †he New †es†imenâ€

Hey, not everyone is a triclopian mutant freak like yourself.
No, seriously. People only have two eyes. Its true. Basic biology. That may be why you’re having so much trouble opening yours. Its because you don’t have one. Go figure, huh?

The Beloved Apostle Paul

The toilet bowl?


according to my source (see below) it is looking at aspects of yourself and your life. Different people will see different things. Some will recount a past experience. Some will be enlightened to something good in their life. Some might see the the future. Perhaps they might hear, feel, or even experience it fully. Others might sense nothing at all. The point is to see past what physical eyes see. There are tips on how to do this below.


take yoga classes and give it a shot


Wow! These responses are not what inspected. I have for some time now practiced opening my third eye. What I see… an open spiraling portal that can range in colors of bluish to yellowish. Sometimes the portal is in the beginning like the shape of the eye until it opens. Sometime I see space other times clear blue skies. There has been the occasion that I literally looked out of someone else eyes. It is real. At times it can be frightening other times you will feel peaceful and energized afterward. Sometimes you body will become flooded with warmth that flows up and down your body. Then you will not be able to feel anything under your body as you travel through this spiraling tunnel like eye. Then you see what you need to see or it could be totally unrelated to you. I hope this experienced has been shared by others. Please let me know if it has. I know I am not alone.


Gig’s response is quite accurate.
The THIRD EYE is a visual projection (seen with eyelids opened OR closed) that can be invoked upon proper concentration. When it appeared to me, I was totally baffled since I wasn’t trying to evoke anything! It can be made to go away by ignoring it. Now, for me, the eye can be evoked in just a few seconds, day or night. It appears as a glowing blue vortex shaped very much like a human eye except it also shifts in a curved fashion and often resizes. The neophyte may discover that this third eye resizing can be controlled – larger by focussing it to be convex, OR smaller by focussing it to be concave. My third eye glows with enough luminance that I can safely walk around in the dark without lights on. Everything is shaded BLUE/ INDIGO. Many people will notice remarkable synchronicity, meaning, you will be inspired to think about something unexpectedly and then it will appear in your environment. For example, you might suddenly unexpectedly think of an eagle and find within a minute, that one flys overhead, often calling out to you. It is an exhiliratiing experience yet somewhat spooky to the neophyte. To neophytes, it seems their minds are the cause of an effect in the environment instead of merely having the ability to forecast an event. Unfortunately, WHAT is forecasted and WHEN it is forecasted seems unpatterned, so it’s utility seems limited. But perhaps not! Hmm.


I’ve been seeing weird shadows on the ground


“When you know how to open the third eye, it will allow you to see Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Fairies, Elves, and other elementals!” I dont wanna see this shit!


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