What do you say about Akashic Records?

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It exists. I’ve seen it. When i returned from the out of body journey I remembered none of what I’d seen in the record.

Pangel (((((HUGS)))))

the theory of the Akashic records is the only theory that poses a threat to my own beliefs
that there is information out there that can be in some way tapped into
you see I believe in spirits and spirit communication , and for now what they tell me I believe comes from spirit … from the other side
if there are records out there that the human mind can tap into … then this may explain spirit communication also
there are a few things that point to it being spirit and not Akashic … but I am still open to researching it a little more for now

Thin Kaboudit

The idea of “Akashic Records” implies pre- & post-destination, and that you have no “free-will”, and neither does ‘reality’.
Simple experiments can show this to be totally bogus
Predestination is easily refutable by observations of the collapse of the wave-function in wave/particle experiments on photons.

Jayasri devi dasi

Not accurate. Read the Srimad Bhagavatam. It is authentic and proven and has way more information than those records. srimadbhagavatam.org/… and makes much more sense.

Billy H

The idea of the akashic records is actually a Biblical principle. It is known by the Hebrew word “Ad”, spoken as Aud.
There is a great deal of extremely deep truth connected with the Ad, for it was a word that the English Bible traslates as eternity, a for-ever, and an everlasting time. As as seed, Ad is only one of four Hebrew words that expresses the idea of forever and ever without ceasing.
With each one being an unceasing time–we can deem that these are four of what we can call eternity pasts.
There was an Ad, a Nawtsawkh, and Olawm, and a Kehdem. Without going into a great detail here, out of each of these unceasing times, God brought forth “something”.
The askashic records is found in the Ad “eternity”. This is where all that ever has been and all that ever will be is recorded. It is actually from here that a deja-vu experience comes from. Occasionally, for some purpose and reason, God will allow to you to venture just into the akashick records or Ad eternity to see what has been or what will be.
As for getting there any other means, you’re on your own. I’m not going to mess with going up any other way than THE WAY.
If you’ve got anymove questions about it, email–I’d be glad to talk about it.


Edgar Cayce talks about it, that we all have access to it but only when our soul development is ready for the wisdom that awaits us :)))

Zelda Hunter

I had to look it up, because this term was not familiar to me. I think it’s almost certain that something like this does exist.
This is not necessarily something that threatens anyone’s personal beliefs, because “tapping into the universal pipeline” is not beyond God’s abilities – if you believe in God. It’s not going to be about getting information that should not be available to you in the first place – as Rena mentioned. You should not be able to access info that would help you perform evil actions.
If you are an Agnostic like me, it is some kind of indirect evidence that God (or a universal spirit force) probaby does exist.


I am open to the idea. Having been born in India, I grew up listening to “karma”, “reincarnation” etc. etc. as a matter of routine. This did pique my curiosity and thirst to know a bit more. I find that those who discard such theories outright are simply shutting their minds to some wonderful possibilities. And to say, these can be proved bogus easily, is a sign of rash/ignorant person.
There are any number of occurences which science has yet to find an answer for. Just because something cannot be proved doesn’t make a case for its non-existence.
Dreams, psychic readings, telepathy, the works, is all dependent on it. If one believes in any of these he has to believe there is a source somewhere…
I grew up listening to our elders saying every action/thought of ours is being recorded by Chitragupt, the keeper of our records way up. We will be confronted and held accountable and judged on our day. Our rebirth and its course will depend on them, with scope for leniency depending upon, maybe, remorse.
NOw, for those new to these ideas, all this will sound ludicrous, but to us this makes perfect sense. It is a matter of faith, no evidence needed…..

path less travelled

The Akashic records should not be thought as something so strange and remove of any other structure the universes are fitted with.
The mighty Akasha is any one of but many archives stationed at the Causal, or Third, plane (or heaven) and those parallel to its kindred. Above this set major planes, and there exists untold numbers of planes and subplanes and, say, places.
The Akasha consists of many Akashic records and is not one but many distinctive records aligned with a given collective of souls, which may number in the millions, or more or less. A collective of souls in this place and age, say, will not share the Akashic record with that of another Akashic record from a wholly different space-time segment in the Continuum. And “Continuum” is the apt word here…
Say, for example, Atlantis [whether you should or should not believe such existed] does have a completely different Akashic record from that of the present age, and that again from, say, Lemuria.
It is a grand archive, which features inconceivably detailed accounting of each individual in that collective and in that given space-time continuum, and takes in the records, memories, karmic patterns aligned to Engrams within each individual, and that underpin these three concerns. One record of one soul can span thousands upon thousands of life times, with untold numbers of details to each, in both holographic and two-dimensional “format” — to use the parlance of our computer technologists here today.
For the Akasha is that which exists and is overseen and managed by masters and agents and emissaries and lords who have charge and care of it, and is kept on the Third, or Causal, Plane on behalf of the Astral (2nd) and Physical plane(1st) below, each of which is vast in aspect, too vast to perhaps conceive of. And these are but the very beginnings of still other types of records and annals, to which the Akasha pales in comparison with those of the other planes still above, as do the corresponding purposes of those above differ.
As well are there records for each of the varied planets and varied planes. For example, there exists the Records of Kros, which take in the varied dynamics and events that have shaped the Earth and project what is likely to occur as regards the Earth — though such projections are subject to the free will of the inhabitants here.

Vasudevan p

By the way what is Akashi Records. Many like me may not know what it is.At least I would like to know more about itl


Records of the Space Study?


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