Home Discussion Forum What do you really think will happen in 2012?

What do you really think will happen in 2012?

I believe mankind will evolve spiritually and mentally,i really do not believe the world will end,even modern day mayans and aztecs and even the hopi indians say mankind’s consciousness will be elevated….something about cosmic evolution will take in late 2012 or a revelation of some sort,the signs are all around me.The world is changing very quickly,right before our very eyes!I personally cannot wait until 2012.I want to evolve,i’m ready to leave this old world age behind,in 2012 a new cycle will begin.It will be a day a purification for mankind,it will be the rebirth of the earth and mankind.What are your thoughts on the subject of 2012?


  1. i have read alot about this stuff.
    i don’t think anything will happen!
    just another theory.
    if anything the atom smasher or a pole shift could mean the end.
    but hopefully some sort of evolution thing
    happens coz that would be cool…

  2. I think that the of era drastic changes is gone it was these past 50 years with the revolution of RADIO , TELEVISION , MOBILE , CARS and other daily life utilities like TOASTERS , STITCHING MACHINE , WASHING MACHINE etc
    now no one can ever expect such inventions however one thing can happen that the invented things may advance in qualities with the help of modern technology
    so in 2012 we may expect the invented things to get more and more advanced and powerful


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