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what do you need to do to lucid dream before going to bed?

recently i been trying to lucid dream but it wont work.When i try reality checks they dont help.Im 12 and i need a good method to do before going to bed because i dont want to get up in the morning and have wild dream i just what to lucid dream hours after i slept ans techinique to make the subconscious mind more aware and conscious to realuze im dreaming pkease


  1. Try jumping into the air a few times a day when nobody is around. Do this daily. After three to four weeks, if you’ve been consistent, you’ll have a dream where you jump into the air. But in dreams, we don’t just drop back to the ground, we float back down. Then you’ll know you’re in a dream.

  2. What I do :
    Before falling asleep i say to myself that I am going to remember my dream and feel it. ( OUT LOUD ) Your subconscious will take care of the rest.
    I also take B12 pills just before sleep. They help you remember and have more vivid dreams.

  3. It takes time for a brain to learn all the techniques; it’s not easy and after just 12 years, you might run into some trouble because lucidity is another dimension. Laws are different.

  4. Okay so set your alarm clock 30 minutes before you wake up. When you hear the alarm clock go do something (examples: drink some water, go to the bathroom) stay up for a good five minutes and go back to sleep. You should lucid dream. This is what I do. Make sure you keep a dream journal. As soon as you wake up from your lucid dream write down what you dreamed about in your dreams journal.
    Have fun kiddo.

  5. Do this, it works:
    Lay in bed. Take a deep breath, inhale (6 seconds), during which you imagine energy moving from your toes to the crown of your head. “Energy” just means “sensation”, move your hands accross your body if you need to remind yourself of how it feels. Then you take a long exhale (another 6 seconds) during which you imagine the energy moving into your hands. Keep repeating it. Let your mind quiet itself. This works better than you can imagine. You don’t have to be paranoid about keeping count, just get a feeling for how long 6 seconds is and keep your breathing nice and even. Do not flex any muscle, and don’t move. It helps if you stretch before going to bed.


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