Home Discussion Forum What do you know of awakenings, spiritual adventures, and the human drama?

What do you know of awakenings, spiritual adventures, and the human drama?

For instance:
Are awakenings dramatic or subtle?
Am I more likely to experience an awakening while fighting for my life or during a tender moment of affirmation?
Are epiphanies quiet like a library or loud like a concert?
….and what of experience to extremes?
Is enlightenment calming or exciting?
(a bouquet of *smiles* for all of you)


  1. When the light shines through, it takes its shape and color from that through which it shines, so the awakening can be whatever you have set yourself up for. And the same goes for how you will express it later, as tranquility or exhilaration, solemnity or humor. I react with humor- see
    As for the circumstances that uncover it, again your past training determines if you are more likely to drop your preconceptions in a calm or a sudden situation, but it’s hard to inspect the movie screen during the fight scene- or the seduction scene.
    Light shining through a square hole is square, through a round hole is round. But they are both the light- neither one of them is wrong.

  2. I consider myself an unrealized being, a sleeper, one who has not become aware of his natural state. So, I’ll stick to the questions as asked.
    From what I’ve heard, awakenings are neither subtle nor dramatic. They transcend all description. Awakenings are not even awakenings. Because we know that they are not awakenings, we may call them awakenings.
    I would have to guess that awakenings are probably the product of proper focus, sleeping the result of inattentiveness or wrong focus.
    True epiphanies cannot be fully verbalized. They are neither loud nor quite. Epiphanies appear to be direct experiences of reality–void of conceptualization.
    I believe you are most likely to experience complete enlightenment when you STOP fighting for your life.

  3. awakenings are like a leaf gently flipping over in the wind yet so profound because it is a real occurance .. they dont seek their own glory or announce their arrival .. they are just the simple Truth ..

  4. At Sometime I may be required to put my life on the line.
    (To Live out my dreams).
    If it appears unbelievable for a second…
    Like a Miracle…so Far Out there, that much of what I thought I knew, is abandoned at will.
    In those Astonishing Aha! Moments…
    I extend myself a little bit farther.
    Somehow In Balance…
    Peacefully Ecstatic in the Booming Silence.
    —And Greater things than this shall yea do.
    Edit: hedgewitch: Beautiful! 🙂

  5. .
    I think epiphanies are different to awakenings.
    An epiphany may set us on the road to awakening, but it does not in itself awaken us. It gives us a taste of What Is, which can be a huge encouragement on our spiritual path.
    An epiphany is dramatic and the remembrance of it stays with us throughout life in my humble opinion.
    I don’t know whether enlightenment is calming or exciting as I am not enlightened. But from the very tiny glimpses that I have had, I would describe it as joyous and exhilirating.

  6. All the activities of this earthly existence is a human drama.When you play,when you earn, when you pretend to be a spiritual person or when u cry when ur beloved dies……….and numerous such kind of activities those are not responsible to connect ur soul with him are human drama……..
    When you find that their is nothing perennial in this world and nothing of this world can give us an eternal solace…whatever or whoever u like is changing and disappears finally…….you just withdraw ur desires from the bank called “world” and redeposit them into the locker of that “omin-potent”. now ur every action and determination is dedicated to Him whether it is for Him or for this world……it can show u the real bliss and that is “spiritual adventure”
    when your spiritual adventure finds its destination and there remains no any difference between u and Him, this is called awakening, “the spiritual renaissance”

  7. It is very difficult to paint a picture in brief the experience of awakening. Better said, it is not an “experience” at all; the one experiencing is lost. I can only relate my master’s words and do my best to cover your secondary interest.
    At the top it should be understood as far enlightenment is concerned there are not a series of awakenings as in arising from deep sleep in the third state of consciousness. It is quite “dramatic” in approaching this none reversing moment but very “subtle” in its aftermath. There are a number of ways this transformation can happen, but on the bottom line all methods end in surrender. Years upon years pass sitting with best efforts without anything happening. After everything that could be done was and has reached a state of no hope it happens. When the last desire (ego) has been lost it happens on its own accord. The eyes open to a beautiful world with aura sounding everything in sight. A fresh energy explodes within and without. A few days and nights pass in subtle confusion because the old has completely died with the arrival of the new. The body and mind adjust to no identity. Rapidly a “calming” settles within like sediment in a pond. The “quite” of deep stillness rests within. The “epiphany” of divine Being expressed everywhere and in everything leaves no doubt to the one and only source.
    I doubt enlightenment is exciting or calming to the enlighten for they have no thought of self.

  8. When you reach a place where everything falls away, it transcends any form of description…
    Whether you perceive it as dramatic or subtle cannot be foretold, only known by your awareness following such an event…
    Bright Blessings

  9. What do you know of awakenings, spiritual adventures, and the human drama?
    For instance:
    Are awakenings dramatic or subtle?
    Am I more likely to experience an awakening while fighting for my life or during a tender moment of affirmation?
    Are epiphanies quiet like a library or loud like a concert?
    ….and what of experience to extremes?
    Is enlightenment calming or exciting?
    Hey Sunshine! I liked this question! I kinda got busy buzzing around!
    But I flew back today, and thought hmmmm. Good thing somebody starred it again this morning! Smiles… So many questions…you ask!
    As you know well by now, I answer from the heart. Am I more likely to experience an awakening in the midst of a fight, or during a tender moment of affirmation? Both I believe for awakenings can be both dramatic and subtle, depending as you say on the set of circumstances! Those Stages whereby the theatre of life is played! The Kiss of life colors our worlds! What makes me dance is the music of both. Those tender moments of Zazaam! Well yeah…those sweet breakfast epiphanies feed and give us all those nourishing Tender Kisses brushing us awake!. Making our souls arise in sweet song! Giving us the dance …that sends us…UP! Concerts you say… those splendorous orchestra’s of delight which create the ‘a~has!’ Those oohs creating my aaahs! Sweet dances indeed crowning us with the crowns of Kings and Queens!
    What about those moments….when your heart is hurting as the “pearls of great price” are being formed? Whereby we cry and dance to the mercy of it all! Asking ourselves what does it take to get home? Those moments when there is a stone in our hearts….hurting like brand new shoes…when we cry out for divine manifestation to come and give us some illuminating realizations of discovery. So profound I would say… we can find those resulting feelings of elations, awes, and wonders here as well! These write scripts on and in us…deeply, fine tuning us so we play better with true sound …love them too! Those inspiring moments of soulful truths giving us the appearance of a divine or super human being! That kind of striking experience can be found both in the dramatic and calm…Hmmm. Epiphanies…so good on all fronts…taking us tenderly into those starry skies… of awakening! With starry eyes I blend…because these kisses of life are real…making our heart beat coloring our worlds and affirming to us all, messages to rise! Whatever it takes, however it comes, these adventures form us.. creating all that is meant to be ~ calming, exciting, taking our breath away. Blending all those heartbeats into oneness! Making musical notes which rise! Those life affirming moments…which sing “I ‘ve got a crush…
    on you!” Crushing though they be! All good! in the long run! the writings …!
    All working in togetherness for our better good, taking us home! Smiles!


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