what do you know about the fifth dimension?!?

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a spiritual shift.

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it’s invisible


There is no official terminology for that. What you call the Fifth Dimension, someone else might call Granma’s Attic.
Powerful Member of the House of Light.

Pop D

They were a good singing group.


that its after the 4th and before the 6th?


There is not one! There is a Heaven though!


it is supposed that the Universe has 32 or 33 dimensions…

Holy Kenny

“There’s a sign post up ahead… You’re next stop… The Twilight Zone”

Aaron H

It occured during the Age of Aquarius.


my frnd… may u answer me about sixth sense and soul… nice to hear about fifth dimension…


in theory there could be many dimensions – read steven Hawking – he’s a lot cleverer than all of us yahooers put together!


The fifth dimension is curled up along with the other 6 dimensions that are only visible with high energy sources. Only 4 dimensions can be seen, three spacial and one time dimension.


that it occurs in physics. but i dont think that it has to do with anything spiritual.


The dimension where time does not exist as we know it. It vibrates at a much faster rate than ours so that we cannot see it from our dimension.


1,2, and 3d dimensions refer to space and 4th dimension is time. These are understandable by human brain to some extent. But above that we know nothing conventionally. However religions tell us about other parallel worlds. We know for instance that God is above time and space.

steven g

The first three dimensions are length, breadth & width, the fourth is time, which is considered by Vedantists to be a componant part of the impersonal feature of God, the fifth is the spiritual world, an anti-material world, constituted of eternality, knowledge and bliss.


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