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What Do You Know About The Akashic Records?

I know it like this, you know how when you stand really close to a TV screen like your face is right beside it, and you can see all the little pixels? Thats what our universe is. Our universe is just one pixel among the thousands that are there. these can also be known as ‘dementions’ possibly,There are so many other universes, planets quite possibly, even galexys, who knows but I know for a fact that there are other life forms than earth (My mother has the ability to talk to the dead and this one spirit who was very close with us (she was once an anchor to my sister voodoo doll and also took the life form as a cat, so did the anchor of my voodoo doll, I still have him today, he does not look like cat at all, when he moves its almost like you can see the inprint of his spirit on his face (call me crazy) but the spirit (called carlina) told us about the other life forms. Only some people have the privlage of seing the akashic records (if you know what I mean,(going deep with in yourself traveling there yourself getting a glance of the whole picture)) That’s how I know the Akashic records, can you share your knowledge with me? Btw I’m 14, hows that for being self aware and deep within myself and the universe. (I just turned 14 too) By the way I want you knowlegde I dont want you hurtful, rufe, disrespectful opinions on how my beliefs are crazy and the spirit cant take a place as a cat and shit, whatever blah blah I dont want you rude comment either. I dont want your comments in general, I want your knowledge on the akashic records.


  1. I can not tell you the records – you have to go there yourself. It is the dimension where all the knowledge of all beings everywhere is contained – a big library so to speak.A person has to learn how to access other dimensions to get there. By the time you can do this you should be ready for the information. Try to find a teacher if you can.
    Good luck.


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