What do you know about telepathy/teleportation?





How come Teleportation and Telepathy (for which IT industry is dyeing to know more) are related with (Metaphysics/Para consciousness /Parapsychology?
When people talk about things occurring ?by telepathy? or ?by telekinesis,? or teleportation it sounds a lot like we are saying something similar to an event occurring ?by a chemical reaction? or ?by photosynthesis? ? but that isn?t the case. Instead, it is more like saying that an event has occurred ?by some mechanism that is unknown to current science, which is improbably according to the laws of chance, and which doesn?t seem compatible with any known models of how the world works.?


  1. Well since you asked two questions (way to maximize the use of points). Let’s start one at a time.
    Teleportation: Outside of Star Trek I have no idea. I don’t believe that anyone ever within the scientific community has ever made a claim that this happened or can happen with our current technology.
    Oh reading further I see you asked three questions by including telekinesis (now called psychokinesis in the scientific research literature).
    Going back to your second question regarding telepathy.
    Some people (not scientist) may say something happened by telepathy for instance in describing their everyday experiences like having a feeling and calling and finding out that their brother had just broken an arm or something.
    They say this because there is no other mechanism by which this information could have transferred.
    The same is true of psychokinesis. An object moves (or is otherwise influenced in a physical manner) without human touch or any other normal influence. Thus people say this happened via psychokinesis.
    Almost all parapsychologist agree that telepathy (more properly ESP as there is no pure test of telepathy possible) and PK do occur and that the mechanism is unknown (although there are many theories).
    You have to decide (despite the wishes psuedoskeptics you can’t have it both ways) either you accept statistics and laws of chance or you do not. In social sciences the bar is less than 5 % probability of the result being due to chance. Parapsychology experiments meet (and often exceed) that requirement.
    I agree that parapsychological phenomena does not fit perfectly into the known models of how the world works.
    However, quantum mechanics could not have fit within Newtons formulation of how the world works either. Superstring theory is rapidly changing (or at least expanding possibilities) of our understanding how the world works. While superstring theory is a theory in need of experimental evidence (they have some) parapsychology is experimental evidence in need of a theory (and again they have some).

  2. everything I know about teleportation is in the movie “The Fly”
    You have to watch both the old Vincent Price version and the Jeff Goldblum version to know everything about teleportation.
    Dont forget the Simpsons Tree House of Horror version also.

  3. Your entire question relies on the unstated premise that telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation exist. The question really can’t be answered unless one agrees with this premise. I do not agree with it so I can’t answer the question directly. However, I am able to say that I disbelieve in telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation.

  4. I think how you described telekinesis or teleportation is pretty good. You’re right that these things would happen via physical mechanisms which are not only unknown but which are not predicted or supported by current science. But if the mechanism (i.e., theory) is unknown, and there isn’t good evidence to support the existence of these things, then there really isn’t a good reason for believing in them at all.
    EDIT: By the way, there isn’t a single experiment in telepathy with statistical results that stand up to scrutiny. Although you have paranormal evangelists insisting that the results are undeniable (Dean Radin is probably the most shameless of these new age preachers), the actual situation is not nearly so rosy.

  5. OK, my understanding of it is this:
    Telepathy is communication of information from one mind to another by means other than the known perceptual senses. Considered a form of extra-sensory perception or anomalous cognition, telepathy is often associated with other paranormal phenomena, such as precognition, clairvoyance, and telekinesis.
    Telekinisis is the paranormal movement of objects by scientifically inexplicable means.
    Teleportation is a hypothetical mode of instantaneous transportation; matter is dematerialized at one place and recreated at another. The first two I believe in, but I do not believe in teleportation.
    “an event has occurred by some mechanism that is unknown to current science, which is improbably according to the laws of chance, and which doesn?t seem compatible with any known models of how the world works.?
    Does that not make it paranormal then?
    My understanding of paranormal is something that is beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation.

  6. Telepathy is a subject almost everybody knows a thing or two and even experienced, at different levels.
    Of course, there are those who deny it at all costs, but even they transmit feelings, sensations, images, certain thoughts. And receive them also.
    I want to tell you about a story of a man I came across years ago in a small town in my country.
    Everybody knew ‘his story’, no one seemed to doubt it, but most of his fellow citizens gave credit to the local ‘witch’ and ‘the devils’ who served her.
    It happened during WW2; he was a soldier and his troop reached Odessa, in current Ukraine; all was fine, their letters said the war was a light one, until they received order to advance north, for Moscow. Then nothing.
    Somewhere on the way something happened and their trace was lost.
    This guy’s mom went to… where else, the witch. The witch ‘saw’ he was alive, but a prisoner in some Russian camp. Not doing good at all, an execution was more like probable, very soon.
    So they agreed on the ‘bringing home’ ritual.
    Whatever the witch did is a mixture of confused, different stories.
    The fact remains that, one night, the soldier appeared in the witch’s house; naked, in the worst shape, unable to speak or reason, apparently.
    All the locals talk about a wet sheet and lots of milk; the guy appeared inside this wet sheet and the women had prepared a pail filled with milk; it seems that the process was known and the milk was mandatory for ‘the ritual’.
    The guy drank an amazing quantity of milk and slowly came to his senses.
    Of course, this is no ‘science’ but deeply written in those peoples’ memory.
    True fact or only folklore, I cannot say.
    But I incline to believe it to be possible. Maybe just not yet in modern labs.

  7. in the next life everyone will have teleportation inasmuch as that is the standard for the next world we are born into-and so since what I said is unproveable why would I say it-because I’ve experienced it-but don’t ask me any more-all I know is it’s a good feeling to travel faster than the speed of light-and I’m 70 slow as a slothy turtle and looked upon as weird slow and abnormal by the generality’s lof mankind, especially middle american’s, so now you know how wonderful instant travel is.

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