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What do you "know" about astral projection? Is it real?

I mean two things by saying astral projection:
1) Projecting into the next room and seeing whats there.
2) Projecting into astral plane and meeting with other people.
If you are going to claim some facts, please name your sources.
Thank you very much.


  1. No, people who astrally project are usually inducing either lucid dreaming, a vivid dream state in which your mind is semi conscious, or hypnogogic hallucinations, a state in which your mind enters a full dream state, and your mind is fully alert and conscious.
    There is no such thing as actual astral projection.

  2. Nope, it’s not real.
    Anyone who wants to disagree – google James Randi. He’ll give you a million bucks for a quick demo. Since it would be easy to prove, he’s offered the money for 30 years, and no one has come close to winning it, I’ll just have to assume that means no one can do it.

  3. It’s amazing how with a little creativity a simple dream can be transformed into an inter-stellar voyage. I wonder where all of the New Agers are today.

  4. The term “Astral Projection” is seldom used in the research literature today. The term Out-of-Body Experience is more commonly used today.
    Yes, this is a real human experience that people have reported for centuries (both with and without the use of substances).
    People have accurately reported the contents of another room that they saw while being out of body. However, this does not mean that their spirit was there as this is quite difficult to separate from ESP as a way to acquire information.
    The sources are numerous and I included a link to the Parapsychological Association if you wish to study this for yourself. Keith Harary and Alex Tanous were both subjects in extensive studies on out of body experiences.
    Concerning meeting other people: I have heard these reports as well but of course a deceased person contact would be impossible to confirm and I am unaware of any experiments with two people attempting this but that’s a great idea for an experiment.

  5. There is much more than Jame Randi’s million bucks awaiting anyone who can see into the next room.
    He or she would be the next Bill Gates and the most famous person on Earth!
    Why don’t people put up or shut up about this nonsense?

  6. One of my twin girls astral projects when she sleeps. Her twin has seen her walk out of the room when she is in th ebed next to her. I have seen her when she woke me up and I found her sleeping in the bed and my ex has seen her at his house when she was sleeping. So I think that it is real .

  7. The bottom line is yes this is real. I’ve had these experiences before I even knew what it was and it very often scared the crap out of me. Once I researched and cultivated it, it became an every night thing. Most ppl will easily confuse a lucid dream and astral projection but there is a very big difference. I’ve done both of those two things that you state in the question. The first was when i pulled my friend into one. later that day i called him and asked him if anything strange happend that night and he remembered the projection exactly as i experienced it although to him it seemed like a dream.

  8. I believe that is possible, but that it may require an altered state of consciousness. Have you ever heard of the Nazca lines? Astral projection of the shaman into the spirit world is one of the theories as to why they were built, a really long time ago.

  9. I think it is real. Just because I cannot see hear or feel something with my senses, it doesn’t mean it does not exist. However, I have never done it myself nor would I ever know how to do it


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