Home Discussion Forum What do you have to do to become enlightened?

What do you have to do to become enlightened?

How would/or did you start?


  1. Without being spiritually awakened and perceiving that life has a deeper purpose you won’t be attaining enlightenment.

  2. I would suggest studying quantum physics especially how frequencies affect us.
    I started the ancient traditional way but modern science is catching up fast. Both are describing the same things.
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  3. Continuous prayer also read and study the word of God. Ask him to show you what you need to know and help you apply it to your life.

  4. In my experience, I had to understand my own shadow side.
    I explored the abyss of my soul.
    I inflicted anguish, suffering, pain and fear upon myself.
    I call this the abyss of my soul.
    There, in the darkest deepest recesses of my soul, I found the Golden Fleece.
    I grabbed it and ran like hell, back to the light and love.
    I was then able to really appreciate the simple pleasures and
    experience God’s love with true appreciation.
    I was careful not to wreak of the stench of enlightenment, by coming off superior in someway.
    Everyone has their own personal experience.
    Yours will be your own.

  5. are you referring to Buddhist enlightenment?
    its pretty deep.
    you’ll have to discover the Four Noble Truths, follow the Eight Fold Path, realise Paticca Samupadda, or dependent origination, understand the ins and outs of suffering, the three different types, that non-existence is what you want.
    and thers loads more stuff with a whole loada more capital letters.
    dont be overwhelmed though, the thought process is usually very lateral and easy to understand. find your local Buddhist community, there are more than 200 in the UK, or if your in the US, look for the FWBO, friends of the western buddhist order.
    theyll help you understand the teachings of buddhism and usually hold meditation classes as well
    good luck!

  6. What does one has to do to become a Dr,professor,engineer,pilot, and all the other professions. is of course study/education and all your effort to achieve the best.nothing comes with out putting any effort.(all for this temporary life).
    To be enlightened we have to do all this in fact in my opinion even harder as this would all lead us towards our eternal life.As God has promised us on the day of judgement.
    People must not waste time on this planet, time is very short.
    We all are given this one chance for eternity.Let’s not get to him and regret because as He has told us there won’t be no coming back.
    by the time all this would have destroyed(universe) by Allah.

  7. meditate, take time out & concentrate on smething harmless, quiet & pleasurable that’s not sex, lol : )
    can be dne.
    a j


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