Home Discussion Forum what do you guys think of spiritual power "ki" chakra?

what do you guys think of spiritual power "ki" chakra?

I would like intelligent responses please


  1. I couldn’t begin to explain it satisfactorily as I’ve no adequate knowledge of it, but I have to say I’ve seen people who truly believe in it use it to very good effect.
    But, although I believe in many things others would call me mad for, I would first pursue the avenue of subconscious-to-conscious mental ability before assuming any supernatural source in relation to explaining the power of Ki.
    I believe it exists. I just can’t explain it.

  2. i believe that your chakra is your spiritual energy it may help you in many situations that might be really hard for you such as climbing mount everest

  3. Chakra is a Sanskrit word literally meaning wheel or circle. In a deeper sense the word describes the whirlpools or vortices’s of energy located along the central axis of our bodies, in the “deep” or astral spine. The chakras are a part of what might be called our spiritual anatomy. Just as there is an anatomy to the physical body and maps to the physical world, so also there is a definite anatomy of our spiritual beings, as well as maps and guideposts to follow along the path of inner awakening. Understanding this truth, and consciously putting our attention at that point, we discover that the mind actually does become focused there.
    For example, the point between the eyebrows (the sixth chakra) is that part of the body where the mind becomes focused automatically in ecstasy or just in concentration. Perhaps you’ve noticed the unconscious tendency people have to knit their brows, or frown, when engrossed in a project or making an important point in conversation.


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