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What do you guys think about this?

. Each person has the light within him or her, and this light is the substance of God.
2. The light, or spirit within, is in a general state of deep sleep, or hibernation, similar to death. This is the result of feeding the ego and not the spirit within. Fear-based emotions feed the ego and love-based emotions feed the spirit.
3. Through love, the spirit can be awakened and raised to a position of power and authority within each person. This awakening and raising process is referred to as the resurrection.
4. Each person is responsible for becoming truly loving and using the Love which flows from God to awaken and raise the spirit within.
5. Each person is responsible for cleansing and purifying the thoughts and feelings within, transforming all fear based emotions into love.
6. Each person is responsible for overcoming his or her own ego and shifting his or her consciousness from the ego to the awakened spirit.
7. By cleansing and purifying his or her thoughts and feelings, and overcoming the ego through love, each person will enter into a higher state of consciousness referred to as the Kingdom of Heaven, or the Christ Consciousness.
8. By following the Law of Spiritual Perfection, each person becomes one with God and experiences his or her salvation.
9. In this oneness with God, each person is born again.
10. In Spiritual Perfection, death is overcome and each person enters into eternal life (eternal consciousness).


  1. I disagree on a few of them there:
    God is the one who cleans us up from the inside…..we have nothing to do with salvation other than faith, trust & belief…
    And repentance.
    Salvation starts with God….and it ends with God….not with us.
    The Lord Jesus Christ conquered death so that you and I can do the same someday.
    And each person has darkness in them……it’s called “sin”. Only when the Holy Spirit of God enters in and seals us does that darkness dissappear.

  2. There is truth to some of the things that you are saying. But the problem is that our Salvation is not by our own deeds but through Christ.
    It sounds like you are describing Buddhism and reach Nirvana

  3. It’s interesting. I’ve read various “new age” and gnostic literature. (Always trying to get a better view of my faith through other belief systems). This sounds like something called “A course in MIracles”.
    It sounds really good, but I would be interested in knowing what this “Purification” Process is and am a little wary of this. Also “What is the law of spiritual Perfection?”
    I’d need to know what this is all about before I could honestly answer your question.
    Where is it from?

  4. 1.The Light is within each of us, but have no clue what “substance of God” means?
    2. Do not believe The Spirit ever sleeps, it is our awareness that changes.
    3. I have not found that The Spirit wants a position of power and authority over me, it feels more like we are a team working together to accomplish the same goals.
    4. The Love of God flows from The Spirit to me, not the other way around.
    5. Thoughts are automatically improved by always being aware of the prescence of the Spirit, fear becomes a non issue.
    6. I do not have to worry about trying to overcome my ego, The Spirit gives me the desire to do the right thing.
    7. This one makes no sense to me?
    8. Never heard of “the law of spiritual perfection”?
    9. Being born again refers to becoming aware of The Spirit of God within and how to communicate with Her.
    10. This one confuses me also?


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