What do you guys think about Eckhart Tolle?

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I read the Power of Now last year. I find it to be helpful but detaching yourself from the world seems kind of like numbing your emotions. To have a constant meditation going seems a bit strange to me. What do you guys think?

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Dave P

I tend to agree with you. Being connected to the now should not require constant meditation, rather constant observation.


I think The Power of Now is one of the most authentic books out there.
The words can be misleading to a newcomer. Actually, detaching from the world is not related to emotions.
And bringing meditation to each moment is tremendously healing and revealing.
So go ahead. Choose a meditation technique, and jump in!!!

John S

his books are the best of the best
its not numbing your emotions. in fact, it brings you more in touch with them. he teaches you how to accept your emotions and feel them fully.
he is talking about constant self-observation, which is priceless.


I like his work…particularly the DVD called “The Flowering of Human Consciousness”.
As for detachment…it is not a numbing of the emotions at all. Numbness is not detachment. Think of a bank clerk…all day long there is money in his hands, but if a bank robber comes in and steals it…he does not feel like he lost something. Nothing says you can’t enjoy yourself…just don’t cling to it. Everything in this world is impermanent and constantly changes. Allow what comes to come…allow what goes to go…and be present.
As for constant meditation…what is meditation? Perhaps not what you think. Being present…abiding in silence/presence…that is meditation. And it can be done while driving, eating, walking, or doing whatever. Tai Chi is known as a moving meditation…why? Because as you are present with inner stillness/silence (totally aware of the moment)…a series of slow movements are done (without thinking about it). That is meditation as well.
~ Eric


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