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What do you guys do when you have an angry "off day"?

I had a bad dream and it put me in a really bad mood from the moment I woke up. Then other things kept happening to make me mad, little things that have made my morning harder.
Usually I am a positive person and little things don’t really get me down. But today is different, and since it’s not my norm, I don’t know how to deal.
I have a long shift at work ahead of me, and I don’t want to blow up at anyone. I have like an hour to get this thing in check.
What are your tips?
Please make note of spiritual things you do especially.
And it’s not that I don’t appreciate everyone’s advice, but if you ask me to “put it in the Lord’s hands” I will vomit.
*note- this is not my moon cycle time


  1. You use the phrase “make me mad.”
    It might help to realize that people or circumstance don’t have the power to “make” you feel anything — if you are mad it is because you reacted in such a way as to feel anger.
    So if you can respond to situations, using your mind and your wisdom, instead of just blindly reacting, you might not expericence so much anger and frustration.

  2. Meditate or examine what it is that made me angry, why I’m reacting to something w/ anger and usually I eventually come to the conclusion that the anger was simply incorrect thinking from my side, (i.e. a wounded ego), and then I set my mind to the more logical thinking.

  3. Go out and run, or exercise until you can barely walk, and without getting dangerously dehydrated. That always makes me feel better. Nothing spiritual about it, but it does work.

  4. I come on Yahoo Answers and answer as many meaningless questions as it takes me to get out of my “bad” mood and start to get into a “good” mood.

  5. Victor Emil Frankl wrote, “in the instant between stimulus and response, people have the power to choose.”
    What this means is that in the split second between when something crummy happens to you, and you respond in anger, you get to CHOOSE to be, or not be, angry. You ALWAYS get this choice, no matter how much it feels like you don’t. The reason you can do this is because you are a reasoning human being, not a wild animal controlled by instincts.
    Is it hard? Yes! But the trick is to make that space between stimulus and response bigger and bigger so that eventually ANYTHING can happen to you, and you are able to control how you react.
    The way to practice this is to re-train your mind, through meditation, through hard exercise, through reading, through discussion, to honestly examine your current behaviors and habits, and find new and better ways to deal with things. It’s a constant struggle, and takes constant effort, but it pays off over time.

  6. It is just a guess, but from all that I know of you, which is only from your chronic questioning… I believe things have been brewing in you for a very long time. It would not be unwise to seek a trusting, wise, ethical psychotherapist. For men, by the way and generally speaking of course… men are taught that feelings like being sad are not manly, so as with feeling sad, to cover it up men get angry and act out the anger aggressively, which men have been taught that is how hunters and warriors get and is okay. Three quarters says you might not believe me.

  7. to late now , just tell others you are having a off day and try to stay out of there way.i know you dont like to talk some times but putting up a sign [out of order ] helps me,others say, OK, he not well to day, so we will back off.
    not that spiritual but it works for me.trying to suppress it some times makes it harder. if you had the time you could go back to sleep and re set the emotional clock:)

  8. the ans.lies within yr question itself,when u r a positive person,then why r u allowing this type of negativity spoil yr precious moments of happiness,regain yr momentary lost will power and be happy even with this situation which is providing u the oppourtunity to check yrself,thank this also,since divinity and devil both lives simultaneously,but we must be alert about our choice to company with

  9. Usually for me, it’s beneficial to get a few more minutes of sleep….and start my day over. Take a few deep breaths, read a meditation, cup of coffee….long hot shower…and just take it one minute at a time….
    hope it gets better


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