Home Discussion Forum What do you get out of deleting someone elses questions?

What do you get out of deleting someone elses questions?

Tree hugging, People lover, Save the world kinda girl!!!!!!
Yea…People deleting questions that they know nothing about….And I do have a right to post stuff even though people do not like it…


  1. I don’t.
    But I’ve had plenty of mine deleted.
    I’m not sure WHAT people get out of it…as someone said yesterday, these questions pass through the board so quickly, it’s not as if deleting them really changes anything. They’re “gone” in one way or another within 20 minutes anyhow.
    Off-my-meds reposts all deleted questions twice just to spite…I think that’s a good approach to it.

  2. “People” do not delete the questions. Yahoo Answers does. AFAIK, individual contributors do not have that power. Yahoo Answers will delete questions if they get complaints or if they don’t conform with the rules of conduct. I believe another criterion is duplicate questions- I’ve seen some of those get deleted, too.
    Yahoo Answers is moderated, to an extent.

  3. You are so right! people have no right to delete things unless it violates the guidelines! You cant delete a question about Scientology if u have no idea what its all really about!

  4. What do I get? I get points from Yahoo.
    Yahoo keeps track of how many you report that are correctly reported, and how many are personal gripes. It builds up to resume material toward a full time job with them.
    But most questions dont get deleted for their subjects. I suspect that the ones you are listing are deleted for not being Q&A. Answers.yahoo.com is for questions to receive answers. Not rants, preaching, pitching an idea, starting a debate, etc. On the other hand groups.yahoo.com is exactly for that which is why yahoo prefers they go there.


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