What do you get if you subtract God and pineal glands from Descartes?

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Wasn’t the ontological proof for the existance of a benevolent God the foundation of Cartesian rationalism? Descartes seemed to assume that not only was there a God, but that this God was good. He concluded that there was an external world outside of the human mind because God wouldn’t ‘decieve’ us like that. I understand this is coming from a 17th century Renaissance man, but doesn’t that seem a little unscientific?
Plus, what’s with the whole pineal gland thing??

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jared g

how about: “i can no longer see with my third eye, and thus i’d rather die” ? 😉


Isn’t the pineal gland where your brain makes melatonin, thereby putting you to sleep?
Rene Descartes was a drunken fart, “I drink, therefore I am!”


Descartes seemed to have had is mind locked in to a totally dualistic philosophy that through reason naturally lead to his belief in the existence of a benevolent God. What he failed to realize was that the external mind he assigned to a god being outside of human experience, was nothing more than a more subtle aspect of human awareness. As for his pineal gland theory; seems his penchant for rationalism lead him to rationalize that surely the soul must exist within the center of the brain.


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