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What do you feel when your astral body is separating from real body?

Does it hurts? I heard that feels something in head? When I almost separeted from body I heard very loud noise in my head does it happened to you somewhen? (Sorry about grammar, i’m just learning, I hope you all will understand what I mean)


  1. ALMOST separated! That’s the thing. Our body gets a feeling we are dying, and
    that makes it very difficult to bi-locate at will. Keep trying, or do as I already suggested, and use the Dreaming technique. That helps to alleviate the “feeling” of dying.

  2. i am not sure if i experienced it or if it is part of my dream but believe me, i like the feeling. it was so sudden, i felt like i was floating and and i was aware of my surrounding, i know i was still inside my bedroom, but for whatever reason, myself knows something weird is happening and i suddenly woke up but the sensation is still there…that’s why i know what happened to me is not just a dream or i wish it’s not.

  3. Hi, havnig never done this I can`t say what it feels like,but I will share with you an experience that a friend of mine had a few years ago.
    he practised this for a number of weeks and finally had what you term an astral separation, and he told me that he floated around on this astral plane for what seemed lkie eternity and at a certain point he knew it was time to go back.
    as he tried to re-enter his body he came under attack by dark vicious spirit entities that tried to prevent him re-entering,and he had a clear understanding that one or more of these dark entities wanted his body for themselves.
    finally after much horror and affliction he said that he cried out `help me` and instantly he was back .
    he told me that he would never ever try this again as we really don`t know what we are risking.
    this is his story and you are free to believe it or not but I caution anyone to think very seriously about fooling around with the supernatural.
    regards .

  4. I got as far as the loud buzzing noise and I had a sensation that leaving my body could be achieved quite easily but I wasn’t feeling comfortable with the idea so I didn’t go any further. I don’t imagine it would be painful.

  5. it feels great, i am alseelp when this is happening but i know its happening, sometimes i snap right back into my body and that hurts but i am so used to it know when i know its happening that i actually let myself do that when i am asleep.


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