Home Discussion Forum What do you feel right before a seizure?

What do you feel right before a seizure?

I’m trying to relate to anyone, I have a strange aura it’s like a cold sweat and pain with a rush of energy then panic.
What are some auras out there before grand mal?


  1. i had a head injury that cuased me to have seizures for a few years , the doctors said it would repair itself and thank god it did but i had gran mals for 3 of those years and the feeling is hard to describe because it would come so fast…i do though remember that it was like a cloudy feeling i would feel flush all of a sudden and very hot and then i would wake up and feel really crappy for the entire day not to mention biting the hell out of my mouth….

  2. I don’t have grand mal seizures; I have complex partials.
    This sounds odd, but I get a really funny feeling in the soles of my feet – not pain, not tingling, just odd. And I feel horrible. I even told my doctor that I couldn’t describe the feeling. He said so many patients can’t describe their aura that doctors have dubbed it “the indescribable feeling.”
    I think your description of “a rush of energy then panic” is very close to how I feel.
    All the best.

  3. I believe I have partials as well.
    But it’s strange, sometimes I can fight them off by diverting my attention elsewhere… sometimes… diverting my attention (or attempting to) gives more power over that “warm hot rush of electrical fluid” that taunts and triggers into a threat as a seizure.
    I don’t know if that qualifies as a seizure or not… but according to friends/family.. it certainly looks like a seizure when I succumb to the rush. =/
    It’s very unpleasant. And the feeling you get when you wake up is INDESCRIBABLY horrible. Beyond words.
    That with the addition to feeling “achey.”


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